All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Day With Evelyn

Let me just be real honest about something real quick.  Maternity leave is NOT all fun and games and watching television all day and sleeping in.  I knew having a newborn was going to be an adjustment and sleep was going to be a thing of the past but let me tell you.....being a momma is hard work!!

I've been lucky enough about twice to actually get 4 hours of sleep at one time.  I feel like time is going by so fast because of the strict schedule I'm on with nursing and pumping and feeding myself and laundry and bills and on and on and on and on.....

I know Evy isn't even a month old yet, (She is 3 weeks today) but I think I have high expectations to get her on a schedule.  She eats every 3 hours during the day and she has been a rock star when it comes to this.  She is on target!! But come her late evening feeding around 8 there is no laying her down.  Sometimes she will eat three times in a 2 hour span.  I've done all I can to help sooth her.  Burp her, change her, feed her, rock her, put her in her Momaroo and then do these things all over again. Nothing works.  She screams in her Momaroo, I cry on the couch.  The nights have been pretty rough.  

When she finally decides to fall asleep I feel like I will not be able to face the next day but as soon as it's time for her morning feeding I am wide awake and ready to face the day with her.  I keep hearing and reading "Sleep when the baby sleeps."  Well let me tell you now that is a bunch of crap.  When she is sleeping I have stuff to do.  Bills, laundry, bathing, eating, pumping, blogging, taking care of Phoebe, taking picture after picture of my sweet little bird.  I just love her so much I cannot help but capture every face she makes, even if 20 pictures are all of the same face :)

"How many pictures are you going to take of me today?"


Our belly button appeared last week so it was time for our first official bath.

Of course I cannot leave this baby out.

I just love these toes!

"The camera? Again?"

Had to get pics of the Piglet hat before it won't fit that head.

"Just doing some tummy time."

It's pretty ridiculous the amount of pictures that are taken of her daily.  But one day I will look back and be thankful that I have them.  She won't need to search very much for pictures for her wedding slide show :)

Happy Three Weeks Old!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Weeks Ago.....

So sorry for just getting around to posting this wonderful news but.....Evelyn Revay Rowell was born two weeks ago today.  It's been a busy busy busy two weeks.  Lots of learning and adjusting to this new life.  A very sweet life.

The Week Before.....

     At 38 weeks we went in for our weekly Tuesday doctors appointment.  This is the appointment I had been waiting on because they were going to do an ultrasound to estimate Evelyn's weight.  This was going to determine if they were going to let me go into labor naturally or if they planned on inducing.

The ultrasound estimated she was 8.6 pounds.  This meant if I went full term with her she may be nearing the 9 1/2 - 10 pound range.  Big baby!  When it was time to see the doctor she came in, looked at her paper work and told us she was planning to induce.  INDUCE?!?!?!?  The one thing that I was fearing this whole pregnancy.  It just made me nervous and I've always heard that the contractions are so much worse when you are induced.  Not much I could do about it at this point.  My doctor left the room to check the schedule over at labor and delivery and it was the loooonnnggeesstt wait EVER.  She came back to tell us that the schedule was a little crazy due to that the fourth of July was right smack dab in the middle of the week.

She told us to be at the hospital the next monday at 5:00 p.m. to check in and get the Pitocin started.  Usually when doing inductions they up the dose the next morning but they planned to up mine at 11 that night so that my doctor could be the one who delivered Evelyn since she was about to be gone for the Fourth of July.  It was a pretty freaky feeling knowing that in a week you were going to meet the precious baby that's been keeping you company for all these months.  I was excited and totally scared.

For the next week I had to keep my news a secret from everyone except for some family members and obviously I had to tell my boss I wouldn't be coming to work after this work week.  So - sorry to those that I didn't tell the complete truth to.  I can't tell you how many people asked me what my doctor said and I simply told them she said "We will see you next week."  I just didn't let them know why she would be seeing me.  So, for the record I did not lie to you.  I simply didn't tell you the entire truth.  It was something Zach and I wanted to keep private.  With the horrible mood I had been in for the past 2 weeks the last thing I wanted was a hundred text messages and phone calls.  I understand everyone was just curious and excited but I tell you this, I will NEVER ask a 9 1/2 month pregnant woman how she is or if she's ready to have that baby.  I realize now how annoying it is.  I will not do it.

The Big Day.....

So anyways, we checked ourselves in and waited and waited and waited.  I got my epidural around 1:30ish in the morning because I could start to feel the contractions starting.  I was already a 4 when I was admitted so I could have it at any time I wanted it.  I must say, it didn't hurt that bad.  I thought for sure Evelyn was going to be here by 3:00 in the morning but before I knew it, it was 4:45 a.m and they were breaking my water to get this show going.

My doctor came to see me around 8:00ish in the morning and said I was dilated to a 5 or 6.  They upped my dose of Pitocin and there I was, just laying in the bed watching Zach and my sister fall in and out of sleep praying I would do the same.  I was so tired because I hadn't slept all night and there was no way I could fall asleep at this point.  It was getting too close to time to see my baby.  

Around 1:30 p.m I started getting sensation back in my feet and feeling cramps.  I realized that my little epidural juice box was not on.  At least I didn't think it was.  I called a nurse in and they said it was working and if I felt like I needed some extra juice to just hit the button on the little epidural remote when the light was green and I would be good to go.  The sour part is that you can only pump the extra juice every 15 minutes.  I didn't feel like it was working and I could still feel the contractions coming on.

Shortly after this they came in to check my dilation again and I just wasn't making progress.  I wasn't thinning out and Evelyn's head wasn't lining up they way they wanted it to.  My doctor decided at this point to book a room and do a c-section.  At this point they also turned the epidural completely off so I layed there for the next hour feeling every contraction.  They weren't super horrible but they weren't fun either.

When 3:00 rolled around they came and got me and I was rolling down the hall into the surgery room.  I've never been so nervous in my life.  The lights were so bright and there were so many people in the surgery room waiting on me that I became completely overwhelmed.  They didn't let Zach back yet so it was just me laying there completely exposed in front of strangers while they prepped me and pinched me to make sure I couldn't feel anything.  

I could feel my body going numb and they put an oxygen mask on me.  This was about the time Zach came in and I thought I was going to throw up in the mask because I got instantly nauseated.  I couldn't concentrate on anything.  I know Zach was over me talking to me but I was shaking so bad that I just couldn't even focus.  All of a sudden they told Zach to stand up and he got to see Evelyn enter the world at 3:35 p.m on July 3, 2012.  I heard her cry and the doctor say, "Momma, she's got your red hair." That's when I really lost it!  A few minutes later Zach brought her to me and obviously it was love at first sight.  She had a hat on so I couldn't see her hair but she was beautiful as could be.  

It was a very overwhelming moment.  All of a sudden the girl I've been imagining in my head was right there in front of me and I was no longer pregnant.  It was the beginning of a new chapter and I couldn't wait to get back to the room so I could hold her.

I got back to my room at 4:00 and still couldn't hold Evy for almost 2 hours because I was shaking so bad and pretty much couldn't feel anything from my shoulders down.  We had enough visitors during that time that I would not have been able to hold her anyways.  She was already getting the lovin'!

My stay at the hospital was fantastic!  Couldn't have had a better staff taking care of us.  It was definitely hard to get around the first couple of days and impossible to get any rest between visitors, feedings and the constant check up from someone from dietary to the the baby photographer.  There was a constant rotation of people in and out of my room.  By Friday I was ready to be home so we checked out in the late afternoon and began our new life as parents.  So exciting yet so scared.

The past two weeks have been all over the place.  I was blessed to have Zach off with me the first week at home and my sister has been with me this week.  I had my two week checkup with my doctor today and I have been released to drive :) I've been pretty emotional and I'm sure a lot of it has to do with No SLEEP!  But it's worth it.  :)

Here's the moment you've all been waiting for.....Miss Evelyn Revay Rowell

Meeting my baby for the first time.
Yes, I'm drugged up and bawling so I look a little crazy.
But look at my sweet baby :)

Brand new baby

Daddy and Evy

Our ride home

Couldn't leave this baby out

Just a little nap

Love that little smile

Soooo tired

That's my girl!

Daddy's little girl

First shopping trip

My FAVORITE picture!

Best Friends!

So precious.

Okay, okay.  I'll stop with the pictures.....on this blog at least :)

Be prepared for A LOT more.

I've got to capture every moment cause I feel like she is so big already.

So happy to be a momma,