All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tulsa State Fair.....and some other stuff.

Well Hello readers!  Fall time has finally arrived on the calendar but I’m still waiting on that Fall weather to catch up with it.  Yes, it’s cooler in the mornings and yes, it’s not 100 degrees outside but I can’t really get excited about the Fall and holiday season until a jacket is needed for the whole day.  This in-between weather makes it hard to pick out work clothes and school clothes.  First I think I’m dressing Evelyn too cool then I think about her during the day and hope she isn’t sweating out on the playground.  I need some consistency mother nature!!

So, I think when we left off Evelyn was just getting ready to start school and I was the panicking mother holding back her tears.  Well, rest assured she is L.O.V.I.N.G school.  Like, can’t wait to get back to school and I am so unbelievably thankful for that.  What a relief to not have that strain and worry on my brain all day and not a day goes by that I don’t thank the Lord for this blessing. I would just be miserable all day if I thought she was having a hard time at school and there was nothing I could do to make it better.  These little blessings mean so much and I don’t want to take them for granted.  Another blessing I don’t want to take for granted…..a baby boy who sleeps through the night….I’m talking 12 hours of sleep.  

Time has gone by so fast with Oliver! He is 10 months old today AND he has already started walking and pretty much is running now.  He started almost a month ago and all he’s done is picked up some speed.  Evelyn didn’t walk until a week after her first birthday so now I feel like I’ve been robbed of his baby time.  I needed 3 more months of crawling and cuddles and him being a baby.  Now that he can just about keep up with sister that’s exactly what he wants to do.  He only wants me now when he’s getting sleepy and even then he most of the time gets too wiggly to rock him to sleep so I just put him in the crib and he puts himself to sleep.  Which by the way is the oddest thing I have ever seen.  He pretty much slams his face into his mattress and there is nothing I can do to stop it.  I asked the doctor about it and I googled it and what I have found out is that this is kind of a common thing, mostly in boys, that happens for self-soothing to go to sleep.  Weird right? I’m telling you, the first time I saw it on the monitor I didn’t know what to do cause he wasn’t awake and it freaked me out.  So now we just let it happen and are no longer puzzled as to why his nose is so red in the morning.

With Fall among us you know it’s time for the Tulsa State Fair.  We definitely don’t “Fair” the way we used to.  Instead of getting all cute for Saturday night and hoping you run into people you know and staying until it closed we were there on Saturday morning as soon as the gates opened and walked around the buildings looking at all the grown up stuff with 2 strollers leading the way.  And I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Getting to see Evelyn’s face as she rides the rides is priceless and I want to start building these kinds of memories in her head and giving her a childhood to look back on and remember it being awesome.

Sometimes you cry at the fair. 

One giant shoe please! 

My loves! 

Making daddy go through the fun house. 

Riding the bees! This little kid ride went way faster than I expected. My scared face is half real. 

My beautiful butterfly. 

Well, enjoy your week wherever you are and get out and make some memories!!