All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Monday, October 28, 2013

Clarissa is Back!

Have I mentioned yet how much I'm excited for this book to come out?  I'm not a super huge gigantic Melissa Joan Hart fan as in I don't know her birthday or all the names of her kids or where she is from but I have always liked her.

I always thought Clarissa was so cool but I knew as an elementary child I could never pull off her looks.  She wore some crazy stuff!!  I think Clarissa is a great role model to teach kids people that you don't have to run with the grain.  Be a little different and who cares who has something to say about it.  I hope I can instill this in Evelyn even though it was very hard for me to do as a kid.  Being painfully shy means you don't do ANYTHING that causes attention to be put on you.  I don't want that for her cause it's not an easy way to grow up.  I think I'll have to introduce her to Clarissa when the time is right :)

Have you caught an episode of Melissa and Joey yet? I am totally in love with that show.  It's back to the roots of good ol' TGIF television watching. It's on Netflix so check it out if you have some free time.  I promise you will be hooked.

This comes out tomorrow so get  your check cards ready!  I know I can't wait for my copy.

Happy Monday AND Happy Birthday to my husband who I'm still pretty in love with! It was 7 years ago today that we met for the first time at a Halloween party and we shook hands in the hallway.  So funny how I don't ever remember him being a stranger.  The Lord knew what he was doing when he put us together.  I don't think anyone else in the world would act goofy with me they way he does just to make me happy.  I love you Zach Rowell!

Now go get this book tomorrow!


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

We did it! Finally made it out to the pumpkin patch.  It's just not fall until this visit has been made.  

Evelyn went last week with Papa and Gigi and had herself a good ol' time but I had to experience it with her as well.  We didn't go last year because she was just too little.  Barely three months old so we bought a little pumpkin from Wal*Mart and called it a day.

I can't believe how little she was.  I thought it was gonna take so long until she walked and now she is running all over the place.  This picture seems like so long ago!

Although we didn't stay more than 30 minutes today we had a good time letting her pick out a pumpkin .(okay, so she grabbed one up from the basket I made her pose in front of so she didn't know she was picking out a pumpkin.  Just go with it.)

Here is her visit to the pumpkin patch with Papa and Gigi.

Pumpkin Patch Part 2

We also finally decided on what to dress Evy up as but you'll have to come back to the blog after Halloween to check it out :) I thought she might freak out in the Halloween store but she did very very good.  No crying, just a little bit of dancing to the Monster Mash.  Oh, and I also found my costume for an 80's party we are going to next weekend.  Stay tuned for that too.  Unless it's a total flop then all pictures will be burned.