All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Monday, March 23, 2015

A New Season, A Night Out

Heellloooo Spring!! I am so very glad to see you. The winter here in Oklahoma wasn't that bad up until the beginning of February when old man winter decided to stop by for a reminder that he still exists.  I'm not a fan of the snow when I have to drive on it and I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself for not being too anxious about it.  No, it wasn't even that big of a snow fall but you gotta know I'm a pretty big wimp when it comes to driving period.

I realize I haven't blogged since the first of the year but I've kind of been in a weird slump lately.  Nothing too bad and nothing thats even a big deal.  Just a lot of soul searching and finding the right balance between work and home and time for myself.  Stress piles up faster than you think!  I'm hoping for a new season for me in this new season.

The husband and I did get to unwind a bit and went to see Little Big Town this past weekend.  We hadn't been to The Joint at the Hard Rock Casino before so it was nice to visit a new venue.  It was a nice change of pace from the BOK Center and Cain's Ballroom.  I've heard from friends that there isn't a bad seat in the house and I have to say I believe that's true.  And if you want a show that starts on time and doesn't keep you there super late then this is the place to go.  Opening act was on straight up at 8:00, played 5 songs (which should be the maximum on any opening act) and Little Big Town was on shortly after that.  In order to get the people out on those slot machines at a decent time the show was over at 10:00.  Now, that's my kind of show.  One of my favorite parts.....the pretzel was only $2.00.  Win! And my other favorite part.....the older ladies in the crowd breaking it down to Up Town Funk during the two acts.  It. Was. Awesome.  Get it girls!! 

My date for the evening.

Little Big Town

The gals in front of us.

I would have loved to have seen my 2 songs I had been waiting on but these rude ladies decided to stand up for it.  And were the only ones around us standing up.   Hello!!!! Rude!!! 
Concert rule: If no one else behind you is standing up to Pontoon and Boondocks, you don't stand up either.

Update on the potty business:
Evelyn is still rocking the potty.  We still have her in a pull up at night even though she has only woken up with a wet one about 5 or 6 times.  I really think we could do without them but I'm just not ready for the wet sheets in the morning or the screaming in the middle of the night because she realizes she's wet.  I've been holding off on the pull-ups at nap time and she woke up screaming when she had an accident a couple of weeks ago.  

We have made the transition from the little potty on the floor to the big potty with the potty seat.  Judge me if you want but I started bringing her potty seat with us when we went out to eat because I wasn't sure how we were going to take on the public restroom.  I knew her little butt was just going to fall right in so I needed something she could at least sit on.  Let me tell ya, that girl cried and screamed like I was in there beating her.  It did not go well on several occasions.  So a couple of weeks ago we decided just to be done with the little potty at home and transfer her little butt to the big potty.  It took a couple of tries and some pretty good crying but she finally let it happen and we haven't looked back.  Except when she tells us that "pottys don't go in the closet" when she found the hiding spot for it.

I'm not sure why I don't own one of these Easter eggs but I totally need one.

Helping Gigi decorate their Easter Egg tree.

Here's to saying this week is going to be way better than last.

So far, so good.