All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mom's The Word

Yay for Easter weekend!  We haven't made the "first trip to see the Easter Bunny" trip yet so I'm very excited to make that happen this weekend.  I know it's going to be a quick sit down and a flash but all these "firsts" are a big deal for me with Evelyn. (More for me.  Whatever.) And I need a "Baby's First" for everything.  Yes, I'm that mom and I don't care.  And it just hit me right now as I'm writing this that all these "first holiday's" are about to come to an end. Evelyn turns 9 months on Tuesday! That is 3 months away!!! WhAt?!?!?!  It overwhelms me just a little.

She is changing every single day.  Always doing something new and is so funny and developing her own little Evy personality.  I love it! 

Last week she learned to clap, wave bye-bye and baby dance.  You know, just a little shoulder shrug thing.  (I almost had to call in the day she started flapping that little wrist to wave. Too cute.)

This week she started mimicking someone snapping their fingers.  Another reason why I wanted to call in to work.  It's almost too much.

And tonight, this very night of March 28, 2013, when I came home from walking Phoebe I was presented with a video of Evelyn in a not so happy mood saying.....wait for it.....Momma.

If tomorrow wasn't Good Friday and 2 other people weren't already off on my team I would HAVE to call in. That video was a clear sign that she needs her momma 24/7.  Right? 

I'm having a pretty good day I must say.

Now, a short list of facts.

-I still really like Cougar Town.  It's funny.
-Every time I watch Cougar Town I want a glass of wine.....and a cupcake.
-I haven't had pop since Ash Wednesday.  (Not for religious reasons but yet it's for religious reason. Don't ask.  It's my own weird internal deal.)
-I started the Military Diet last week and I've already seen some results.  Gonna try it out for a month before I post any kind of update.
-Our friends Lindsi and Alan welcomed their second boy yesterday.  Can't wait to hold that little ball of baby.
-I hope the Lay's Chicken and Waffles wins the chip contest.  This household is a fan.
-I'm annoyed with bloggers who have received several comments from me and yet they can't give a quick "Thanks for the blog comment."  Rude.
-I get to sleep in until 5:30 in the morning instead of getting up at 4:15.  Aaaahhh, sweet sleep.

Wish me luck on the Easter Bunny this weekend.  I'm hoping for a good smile and no freak outs.  

My own little bunny.

Model Phoebe

Shopping with my niece.

Too cool!

And since it's Thursday let me go ahead and join in on the Throwback Thursday.
This is the blonde me from 2006.  I kind of miss those lighter locks. 


Thursday, March 21, 2013

If This Was Real Life

It' no secret that I'm a little in love with the Oklahoma City Thunder.  It's also no secret that I'm in love with One Tree Hill.  So imagine my face when something clicked the other day and I realized the coolest thing.  You ready for this??? 

 Remember when Nathan was going to be drafted by the NBA?

 Of course you do.
Remember who he was going to be drafted by?

 The Seattle Super Sonics. 

AND do you remember where the Seattle Super Sonics moved to and became? 

The friggin' Oklahoma City Thunder!!

So, if One Tree Hill was reality, Nathan Scott would be playing for the Thunder and he would be living in my home state.

If One Tree Hill was reality.

Just a thought.

This is my all time favorite scene in the series.  Just watch it and you will see.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Guess what?  I did not wear green today.  Guess what?  Nobody pinched me :)

This one did though.....

I just can't get enough of her.  She took a nice little 2 hour and 45 minute nap today and I must say it was nice.  I actually got to watch a movie and just sit and enjoy it.  
Something Borrowed.  Ever seen it?  It's pretty cute and Kate Hudson cracks me up in most every movie I've seen her in.  I've come to the conclusion this week that she's one of my fav's.

Oh, and this happened today.....

I'm pretty sure they love each other.  Phoebe is SO GOOD with her!  I just love that dog!

AAANNNDDD I think I might have a future blogger on my hands.  

Everyone have a great week and for all of you on spring break.....well whatever! (Just being jealous.)


Monday, March 11, 2013


Okay, so I know it's not spring yet but it's on it's way and I can't wait!  Even though it hasn't been a terrible winter I'm so ready for nice non-jacket wearing weather.  I want to be able to take Evy on walks and take trips to the zoo.  I've got plans for us.

As I have told you in the past I am not good with change.  Even the tiniest little change like a new picture going in a frame.  I'm odd.  But with a little time I soon adjust and the world keeps turning.  

This weekend was full of changes.  I officially officially stopped pumping.  As we all know I've been wanting to stop for awhile now but have been battling the guilt that has come with it.  The last time I pumped was Friday and you'll be happy to know that I'm feeling pretty good about it.  Who I am kidding, I'm freaking THRILLED to be done with it!!  And not feeling one ounce of guilt.  Success.

We also made the decision to start feeding Evelyn a food along with her bottle in the morning.  Let me tell you, this whole feeding your child something other than a bottle is a little bit stressful.  How many foods does an 8 month old get in a day? How many ounces of milk does she get in a day with the addition of these foods?  Do we feed her every 3 hours still or do we try to spread it out?  SO CONFUSED and everyone you ask about it of course has a different answer.  I know she's not starving so we are trying to figure everything out as we go just like every other parent out there.  I will be glad when she is off baby food and is able to eat what we eat.  I think it will be much easier and much cheaper.  Have you checked the price of baby food lately?  Goof grief! 

Change #3 - We lowered Evelyn's bed this weekend and put her actual bumper on her bed.  No more mesh.  And it looks so much better.  Had to be safe though so mesh was a must.  I think we may need to lower the bed a little more still.  Once she can start pulling herself up it wont be hard at all for her to flip over the side.  Can't have that.

Evy hasn't crawled yet but everyday I think we are making progress.  She spends a little more time on her tummy than she has before and kind of moves her legs around but they aren't taking her anywhere.  Just mostly from side to side.  I'm not freaking though cause everything I've read about it says some babies never crawl and it's not something that doctor's even look at when measuring your child's skills.  Time to baby proof the house anyways.

And of course momma's camera is never too far away to capture this cutie.....
Looking like a Snork in the morning.

Getting in the Easter spirit.

A little Saturday night out.

Morning lounging.

Playing dress up.

Wearing my Christmas dress from when I was a baby.

Here's to a good week!!