All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tulsa State Fair

Helllllo Fall!!!!!  Well, according to the calendar.  It was a high of 91 degrees here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I bought the cutest sweater this weekend all pumped to break it in this week and it's still sitting on the computer chair with the tags on it.  Rats.  Friday is looking pretty promising for some good rainy fall weather so we will see.

It's about to be that crazy time of year again where the calendar fills up quick and it is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year.  The Halloween decorations have been up in my house for 2 weeks (going on 3) and it makes me so happy :)

A couple of weeks ago we loaded up in the car and took Evelyn to the fair for the first time.  She was too little to ride any of the little kid rides (because that's all I trust at the fair.....barely) so we walked around for a little bit and gave Evelyn her first petting zoo experience.  She LOVED it.  The last time I was at the fair the animals were NOT out and about roaming amongst the crowd.  As soon as we walked in there was a llama waiting to welcome us.  Zach made a fast right and got the heck away from him.

She also got to ride a pony for the first time and she loved that too. It was a successful day for our little family outing.  


Love this girl so much! Can't wait to take her to the pumpkin patch this weekend as long as it doesn't rain. 


Ps - It's almost Thunder season! We are going to a pre-season game next Sunday and I am PUMPED!