All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sitting Up With Teeth

Hello friends! Glad I found some time to write a little post.  Last time I wrote I was preparing for my aunt's funeral.  Not a day I was looking forward to because of all the uncertainty but it turned out to be a wonderful service and a really great day with my family.  Not very many of my aunts and uncles had seen Evelyn yet so it was a good time to introduce her to everyone.  And of course, they all loved her to pieces.  My uncle Stevie just about didn't want to put her down and my cousin Aaron even made a special trip to my house to come see her again. It really warmed my heart that they care so much about a little person they hadn't ever seen.  I know I don't see them near enough as I should and I don't say it enough but I really do love my family.  So family of mine if you are reading this.....I love ya!!

What's going on with Evelyn you ask?  Well we are fully sitting up on our own and bending over and reaching for her toys.  We are still taking a few tumbles but she's handling them just fine.

We took her for her 6 month photo shoot 2 weeks ago and it was a total bust! She was not smiling WHATSOEVER.  No matter what we did to make her smile she just looked at us like we were the biggest fools.  I'm sure the photographer's neighbors thought so as well.  We were jumping around, dancing, shaking our phones at her with her games on them.  Morons.  So we had to reschedule for this past weekend and it was a much better turnout.  We finally got some smiles out of her and I think we're going to see some good results.

The reason I think she was so upset at the first shoot was because a few days later a little sharp thing started poking up through her lower gums.  TOOTH!!!  It's pretty cool to feel and also another reminder that my little girl is changing and growing up every day.  It's been breaking my heart to see her in pain over her teeth.  She woke up not in the best mood this morning but she's playing and doing her nightly screaming sessions tonight.  Much better :) Her little screeches make my day.

Have a great Friday!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

I write this post with a heavy heart.  Friday evening my aunt Kathy passed away and I don't think it has fully sunk in yet.  I have not been exposed to loss like this.  Death is not a subject I am comfortable with and it's not something that I have had to deal with a lot in my life.  I know that she is in a far better place now but I just feel so sad for my grandma and my cousin, my aunt's son.  

Our family as a whole has never dealt with a loss like this.  It will be the first funeral that all of my aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins will be at together.  I'm honestly a little nervous about the gathering because I don't know how everyone will handle it. It broke my heart this weekend to see my grandma and cousin so broken hearted.  I know my aunt is in a far better place than here and I know she is getting to be the person she couldn't be in this life.  She's in good hands :)

So this Thursday if it crosses your mind, please lift my family up in prayer.  

I don't want this post to be a completely sad one so I will end this with something I know she would love.....

She loved her some wrestling!

Dear Aunt Kathy,

Even though I didn't tell you near enough as I should have but I love you.  I know how incredibly in love with babies you were and Evelyn would've loved you too.  I hope that you are sitting at a big table with the biggest puzzle watching some WWE.  I know when I see these things I will think of you.  You are the Lord's but you will not be forgotten here on earth.

For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s. Romans 14:8


Sunday, January 13, 2013

$avin' Money

Saw this on Facebook and I think I'm gonna give it a try.

Happy Sunday and Happy Saving!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Single Mom Week

So glad I have the day off tomorrow!  It's been a long week so far.  This wonderful event called the Chili Bowl is in town and it has stolen my husband for the week.  I tell ya, this is a shout out to all those single moms and dads out there doing it by themselves.  It's hard work.  Getting up at 4:15 every morning and not going to bed until around 10:00 with really no break in between besides driving (which I hate doing so it's just one more thing I have to do) makes for a very tired tired mommy.  

I do have to say that I came home to a very sweet letter today and a clean house.  Brought some tears to my eyes and made my day.  Thank you husband.

Evelyn is sitting up on here own now as of this week and it's pretty stinkin' cute.  So I've been having fun playing with her on the floor and getting to use some of the Christmas presents she got.  We go for her 6 months shots tomorrow.  Boooo! She'll do good though.  She's tough.  So is momma.  Not so sure about daddy :)

Only have to work one day next week so it's going to be like maternity leave again.  Yay! sleeping in a little and watching some good junk television.  Maybe I can get caught up on some stuff around the house.  There are some books that need to be read and some scrapbooking that needs to be done.  Hopefully I can get some naps in there too.  (Fingers crossed!)

Short blog.  Tired mommy.  Happy Friday.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bah Humbug! 

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  2012 was a great year but I'm excited for what 2013 will bring.  

Let's just do a little recap of the past 2 weeks.....

-Evelyn's first Christmas was a total flop.  (At least for me)  This momma was sick! Stomach bug sick! I started getting sick the night of the 22nd and didn't start feeling better until the 27th.  Had to miss Christmas Eve and Christmas day activities.  I didn't hold Evy for 3 days and it just about broke my heart.  All I wanted to do was kiss on her little cheeks but I A) was not taking the risk of getting her sick and B) couldn't hold her even if I wanted to.  Again, this momma was SICK.  Feeling much MUCH better now and I'm able to eat again.  

-Daddy had to work New Year's Eve so my sister's family came over to help me ring in the new year but they only lasted for the East coast celebration.  I rang in the new year here in Oklahoma by trying to calm Phoebe down because our neighbors started setting off fireworks.  Lovely.  She does NOT do good with loud noises.  

-Evelyn is totally off cereal and now eats her baby food all by itself.  No more mixing up that AwFuL concoction.  

-Last night Evy sat up totally on her own.  Whenever she would start to wobble she would fight it and remain seated.  Proud momma.  Not every sitting session went perfect though.  She folded a couple of times.

-We have mastered the fine art of screeching.  Can't help but love every minute of it.

-Oh yeah, guess what today is?  Her friggin 6 MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!  6 more of these and I will have a ONE. YEAR. OLD.  It doesn't even seem possible.  She is the highlight of my every day and Zach and I are so blessed to call her ours.

-Phoebe just celebrated her 4th birthday on Christmas Eve.  I can't believe in February we will have had her for four years.  I don't remember life before her.  What did Zach and I do when it was just us?  Seems like a boring household now that our house is never empty and someone's stomach is always ready for some food.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

-Karate Kid is on as I'm writing this.  Ralph Macchio is NOT cute and I used to think he was.  WRONG!

Hope everyone is having a great new year so far.  I'm ready to hit the gym and drop about 15 pounds by my birthday.  TAX DAY!  Wish me luck :) I gotta make 32 look good.  Holy Cow! 32!!! Bring it! 

Now, some pictures for you to enjoy.

Bring it Santa!

Well, hello.

My official PBR vest.
Thank you Cale!

"You don't say?"

We are sitting in big chairs now at restaurants.

Lovin' my time at Gigi's!

"this how you do it, right?"

Happy Birthday to Phoebe!
This is her Elvis look.

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!!

My new best friend

Evy's serious model pose

6 months old!!!

Enjoy tomorrow!