All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sitting Up With Teeth

Hello friends! Glad I found some time to write a little post.  Last time I wrote I was preparing for my aunt's funeral.  Not a day I was looking forward to because of all the uncertainty but it turned out to be a wonderful service and a really great day with my family.  Not very many of my aunts and uncles had seen Evelyn yet so it was a good time to introduce her to everyone.  And of course, they all loved her to pieces.  My uncle Stevie just about didn't want to put her down and my cousin Aaron even made a special trip to my house to come see her again. It really warmed my heart that they care so much about a little person they hadn't ever seen.  I know I don't see them near enough as I should and I don't say it enough but I really do love my family.  So family of mine if you are reading this.....I love ya!!

What's going on with Evelyn you ask?  Well we are fully sitting up on our own and bending over and reaching for her toys.  We are still taking a few tumbles but she's handling them just fine.

We took her for her 6 month photo shoot 2 weeks ago and it was a total bust! She was not smiling WHATSOEVER.  No matter what we did to make her smile she just looked at us like we were the biggest fools.  I'm sure the photographer's neighbors thought so as well.  We were jumping around, dancing, shaking our phones at her with her games on them.  Morons.  So we had to reschedule for this past weekend and it was a much better turnout.  We finally got some smiles out of her and I think we're going to see some good results.

The reason I think she was so upset at the first shoot was because a few days later a little sharp thing started poking up through her lower gums.  TOOTH!!!  It's pretty cool to feel and also another reminder that my little girl is changing and growing up every day.  It's been breaking my heart to see her in pain over her teeth.  She woke up not in the best mood this morning but she's playing and doing her nightly screaming sessions tonight.  Much better :) Her little screeches make my day.

Have a great Friday!!

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