All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Changes All Around

Cribs, cereal, rolling over.  Discuss…..


I can’t even believe the time is already here for all these changes with Oliver.  Those newborn days seem forever long in the beginning and then by the time 5 months goes by it seems like you didn’t get enough time with them in their “I just want to eat, sleep and cry” phase.  In just a few weeks Oliver is already going to be 6 months old.  (Is it too early to plan a birthday party?)  Oh wait, I guess I better plan Evelyn’s FOUR YEAR OLD party first.    FOUR!!!  Anyways, we have had some big changes these past couple of weeks.  Two weeks ago we finally moved him out of the basinet and into his crib.  It was long overdue.  When he is hanging his foot over the side I think that’s a sign that he’s too big for it.  I wasn’t sure how he would do overnight away from us.  Okay, let me be honest, I wasn’t sure how I would do overnight with him away from us.  I’m not good with change.  At all.  It takes me a few days to get used to new routines in my life and I was used to him being right there where I could hear every little scratch and movement.  It’s what needed to be done for some time now and now that a couple of weeks has passed by everyone has adjusted well.  I’m getting a little more sleep now.  Just a little.  And thank you to my husband who held me while I had a teeny tiny break down his first night away from us.


Another new thing going on with Oliver this week…..rolling over!  I’m not sure if babies are supposed to roll from back to belly first or belly to back but he has decided to start with back to belly.  He rolled over once on Mother’s Day but I didn’t see it happen.  I was out of the room no longer than 5 seconds to put something away in Evelyn’s room and when I returned there he was, flopped over and holding his head high like he knew he did something special.  So of course I called in Zach, flopped Oliver over and waited for the glorious moment to see it again and again.  Nothing.  That’s right, 16 videos later of me trying to capture the next roll and I got nothing.  Well, I got 16 videos of him just lying on his back looking around.  Then last week he did the same trick on my mom when she was watching him.  As soon as she walked into the kitchen he made his move but never tried again.  I knew it was only a matter of time before he would strike again with his little trick.


When I picked the kids up Friday from my mother-in-laws there he was, lying on the floor and giving me the show I’ve been trying to see for almost 2 weeks.  And it was the most precious thing.  These little milestones may not seem like much to some people but in my world it’s time to buy a cake and celebrate and text everyone you know the news and smack it right on your Instagram for everyone to see.  So needless to say he has been rolling all weekend and even started rolling over while he sleeps.  That first imagine on the baby monitor caught me off guard and made me do a double check on his breathing.  Now, let’s move on to crawling :)

We've noticed he really likes sleeping on his side.


Also, this past weekend we pulled out the spoons and bowls and gave Oliver his first taste of cereal.  Exciting, right? Well it is to a momma who knows this is one step closer to the end of her pumping days.  Bring on the solid foods!!


New seasons are coming and I am truly grateful for this life the Lord has given me!

Can't leave her out :) Can't wait to see her shake her little bunny tail at her recital in a couple of weeks. 


Have a wonderful week and go Thunder!!