All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Believe The Children ARE Our Future

What? You are hearing from me two days in a row. This never happens, right? Well, it could be that it's therapeutic or it could be that I have a little more extra time on my hands. Either way, here I am for you to enjoy. (I hope)

Awhile back a friend of mine had a post with a list of things they believe in. I think it was for a Christmas post or something but I really liked the idea and I've been keeping my own list for awhile. So without further ado, here are some things I believe in.....

I believe in.....

Jesus Christ

Boxer dogs

Checking out the clearance section first

Wearing hats



Mascara making you instantly prettier

Date nights-even if it's watching an old movie on your couch

NOT participating in Black Friday


Disciplining your kids

Celebrating Halloween and not making it the "devils holiday"

Converse shoes


Not sharing a Facebook account with your spouse

Singing in the car

Magazine subscriptions

Being positive

Eating bread

Being a hard worker

Prayers before bed


New York City

Paula Abdul

Holiday specials on T.V.

Needed confrontations

Tweeting celebrities knowing they probably never see your tweet (unless its Fred Savage)

Driving the speed limit

Turning 30! 

So the title really had nothing to do with my post.  But who couldn't use a good Whitney song stuck in their head for the rest of the night :)

I hope you enjoyed this random Thursday evening post.

The weekend is almost here and I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys it to the fullest!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday's Whatevers!

Hello friends! Aaaaaah, it feels good to be back on the blog. This past week has been "one of those weeks". Many thoughts, emotions and ideas have been circulating in the Rowell house. I've decided the way to conquer all my feelings is to finally dye my hair (the greys are popping out big time) and to paint some rooms in my house. I've never felt so unorganized in my life and I need to get my house together and simplify. I started last week with getting rid of all the books I haven't read and I know I'm not going to read. Fourty-One books left my house last week. I was not sad to see them go. Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

Something that is about to change in the Rowell house is that we are getting our butts back in church and making it a must. We've been battling this for two years now. We did good for awhile but fell back into our bad habits of just being straight up lazy on Sunday mornings. Not that my life is falling apart(it's totally not) but I know that our lives will have fuller blooms when we have a better walk with God.

I'm REALLY ready for the summer to be done with. I don't think I can take another 107 degree day. Neither can my air conditioiner. I feel like it never stops running.

To end the day my precious husband is going to get me some dinner and then we will get comfy and watch our Wednesday night shows.

By the way - I totally got a tweet and retweet from Fred Savage! So, if you were also curious if Happy Endings was coming back for a second season, I tell you now that it is. Fred told me;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Backstreet's Back, Alright!

NKOTBSB did not fail. It was such a good show and I couldn't ask for better seats. (Well, on the stage seats would have been nice.)

While we were searching for a parking space we drove by the tour buses and Brian from BSB was outside driving remote control cars with his son. He was kind enough to come to the fence and take some pictures with us. I couldn't get over how tiny he was. I felt like we were looking eye to eye and I was wearing flat flip flops. Thanks Brian for showing some kindness to your fans!

Now, I can't say the same for Jon from the New Kids. He was sitting outside his tour bus messing around on his phone and smoking. I yelled his name and he looked up, waved without a smile, and starting messing with his phone again. I thought maybe he would finish up what he was doing and come over to the fence. Nope! That creep got back on the bus and gave us a short wave. I get it that they probably don't want to be bothered all the time but we were RIGHT there and no one else was out there with us. It would have taken him less than 5 minutes. We were seriously like 15 steps from him. Without people like us he wouldn't even be able to sit outside his precious tour bus and smoke his precious cigarette. Poop on you Jon Knight! You have angered me.

The show opened up with a group called Midnight Red. I guess they are a new boy band for the Tweens. They were okay I guess. Never thought I would have to say I'm too old to listen to that music. It was pretty generic but good for them for making it. I wish I could open up for the New Kids.

The next act was one I was excited for because I think this man is sooooo cute. Matthew Morrison walked out on the stage in a tux and shaking his hips and it was beautiful! Ive heard his new single on VH1 and it's pretty catchy, definitely my kind of music. The man can sing, that's for sure. I wish these pictures would have turned out a little better. He looked good ;)

Now the real show begins.....

Obviously my main group to watch was the New Kids but I actually found myself getting more excited for BSB whe they came on stage. Maybe its because I've seen the New Kids 3 times before now since 2008 and I've never seen BSB before. They were awesome and I really wish Kevin was still in the group because he was my favorite.

It was an amazing concert and if they come to your town with this tour I highly recommend you get a ticket. And I hope your seats are as good as mine were. Four rows back from the end of the catwalk. They were pretty perfect!

Concert #4

P.s. I totally got a tweet from the Rachael Ray Show today after tweeting Elizabeth Berkley because she was the guest today. It always makes my day to get a tweet!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

What day is today????

It's NKOTBSB Day!!! I'm so excited but wishing it wasn't so stinking hot outside. Danny has already tweeted that he worked out at Golds Gym and Howie D was on the news this morning. This means they are in MY town RIGHT NOW! If it wasn't soooo hot I would probably be downtown waiting by the tour buses to catch a glimpse. There is a time in your life though that you have to realize that your not as young as you used to be and you don't want to look like a fool. Let me be honest, if it was November or something, I would most likely be out there, not caring that I'm looking like a fool. Plus, Zach is working an outside concert all day today so someone has to stay home with Phoebe. Rob Zombie is the headliner at his concert so NKOTBSB in the air conditioning probably looks pretty good to him right now.

Here's to a fun night of feeling a little youthful!!! And the best part is that I don't have to return to work until Thursday!!! Woot Woot!! #doingthecabbagepatch

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Makeover Saturday

Well,  I've been thinking for sometime that my blog needed a makeover.  I was getting really bored every time I logged on.  Maybe that's the reason my posts have been so far a part.  So, here it is.....the new and improved All Rowelled Up!!!

Hope it's still easy on the eyes for you.  Below is a list of some of the websites I visted to make this makeover happen.  Try to stumble across them one day.

I made my header picture at

I made my little All Rowelled Up button at  Pretty cool little site that you need to make something fun on.

My background is from  I hate when there are several you love and you can only choose one so I went with something really simple. - I didn't chose anything from this site but there are some really cute things that I almost used.

Check these sites out and get creative.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Really, this post has nothing to do with the fourth.  Just thought I would start with that greeting.

Obviously, I'm not keeping up with my blog duties as I would like to.  It's not that I have anything better going on, I've just been lazy and actually been doing some reading that I'm taking time out to do in the evening.

Since it is July 4th, let me take the time to say Happy Birthday to some friends of mine that are celebrating today.

Heather - My high school friend, my crazy friend who always makes me laugh and sometimes makes me shake my head :) Happy Birthday to you!! Welcome to the 30's!!! It's not so bad!

Kieffer - BOOM!!! It's your birthday :) Just so you know I'm all prepared to humiliate you in exactly 13 days! Get prepared for signs that say NEW KIDS HATER-DONT LET HER IN.  Happy Birthday!!!

Little Ashley Girl - My gym, lunch, walking, neighbor, wine drinking, forever life BFF - Happy Birthday to you!! Enjoy the last piece of your 20's.  You're getting old like me :)

This weekend was actually a pretty busy little weekend.  Sometimes though, on 3 day weekends I just want to be lazy and not have a lot of stuff on the schedule but it usually doesn't happen that way.  My cousin Kaycee came in to town, my brother-in-law had a going away party since he is leaving to go over seas and Ashley had a birthday party at her house last night so there wasn't  a lot of down time.  I did however finally finish my cruise scrapbook and took a 2 hour nap today.  It was so nice.  I just melted into the couch with Phoebe and we both just drifted off.

Phoebe hasn't had the best weekend.  She hates fireworks! I hate it for her because she shakes so bad that it takes both Zach and I to hold her so she will calm down.  She tries to get in the bathtub and cries and cries and cries.  We get her medication every year which totally calms her down but it also makes her seem like she is drunk.  Poor baby has droopy red eyes and she can barely walk and hold herself up.  It's pretty sad to see :( aaaannnnd slightly humorous.

By the way, New Kids and Backstreet Boys will be here in 13 days!!!! I can't stinking wait.  Did I tell you that we are 4th row from the cat walk.  Cameras up!!! Expect a blog about it!!

Also, if you haven't watched Melissa and Joey yet, you need to! Especially if you are fans of them and love anything ABC Family shows.  I think I really dig that channel because it's for the family and some of the shows remind me of TGIF.  And honestly, I don't know where I would be today if it weren't for Full House :) That show molded and influenced me.  You can't go wrong with a DJ Tanner outfit and Danny Tanner advice.  And in case you haven't noticed, the 90's fashion is so back.  Go to Forever 21 and tell me I'm lying.  It really warms my heart.  I'm not saying I'm going to wear a body suit with high waisted 

pants or denim on denim, but it's there if I want to :)

Hope everyone has a great short week and keep cool cause it's HOT out there!!!