All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maternity Leave T.V.

Happy Thursday! Not that it's different from any other Thursday that's been on my calendar but at least it's a holiday weekend and Zach will be home for the next 4 days.  Well, probably not home the whole time since one of our friends is visiting for the weekend and another has a birthday tomorrow so I'm sure there will be some celebrating going on for both events.

My maternity leave is 2/3 of the way done and I can't believe how fast it's gone by.  Evelyn just turned 8 weeks old and it's crazy how much she has changed in that amount of time.  She has a doctors appointment next week and I'm curious to see how much she is going to weigh.  She's gotten a little bit chunky lately.  She is, however, sleeping through the night.  It's been a whole week so far! Such a good sleeper :) She doesn't sleep much during the day so this is probably why she keeps those peepers shut all night.  No complaints here.  Actually, the first couple of nights I was kind of sad because our "alone" time in the middle of the night didn't happen.  I'm sure they will return at some point so for now I'm catching those zzzz's.

Hopefully when I return to work Evelyn will keep her sleep schedule so that I will be able to function.  For now we are just enjoying our daytime television and I know that one day I will hear the them song to these shows and remember the days when I was a new mom and trying from day to day to figure it all out.

Our typical day consists of feeding, pumping, feeding, Zumba, feeding, pumping and television.

Beverly Hills 90210

We follow the gang a couple times a day.  I'm glad they are showing the high school episodes because I never followed it once they graduated.  The Dylan and Brenda years were the best!  I wanted to be Brenda so bad when I was in the 6th grade and I will never forget where I was when they broke up.  I cried.

One Tree Hill

One of the best shows of all time.  If you haven't given this show a try you are only hurting yourself.  Such great writing and right when you think it can't get any more does! So good!

Saved By The Bell

Oh my! My favorite show of all time (tied with Full House).  The older I am the funnier it gets!  I so wish they would do a reunion.  I'm sure I would cry if it ever happened.


One of the funniest shows! No matter how many times I've seen an episode it is funny every. single. time.

So this is pretty much the lineup every day.  No more days of trashy talk shows taking up my day.  Sure wish Jenny Jones was on.  She gave the guests a make-over no matter what the problem was.  Loved it! 

I did get a little Pinteresty this past week and did a few projects that I have pinned.  I must say I was pretty proud of myself for following through on something on one of my boards.

Made this amazing Funfetti Dip on Sunday. I chose to dip chocolate animal cookies in it but I'm sure some fruit or pretzels would be great too.  Actually, I did try pretzels in it and it was super good :)

All you need is.....
1 box of Funfetti cake mix
2 cups plain yogurt
1 cup cool whip

.....mix it all together until there are no big clumps.....

.....and chill for 4 hours.....

I sprinkled mine with some cookie sprinkles but I don't recommend putting them on there until you are ready to serve it.  When I took it out of the refrigerator the sprinkles had bleed and it looked sloppy.

It was a hit with my family and is now on the list of easy things I can bring to work for luncheons.
Go me! Go Pinterest!

And here is my little helper :)

Stay tuned for my other "projects".  

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day With The Rowell's

This was Evy's first visit to Hobby Lobby.
As you can see, it was amazing.

Here is the most patient dog in the world.
I can't say enough how wonderful Phoebe has been with Evy.
She is the best dog EVER!

Evy's cousins Connor and Aubrey

The kids!

Momma and baby :)

She loves her funny eggs on her Mamaroo.
Have I mentioned how amazing the Mamaroo is?
I recommend this BIG TIME!

Her own little laundry basket.
I love it!

.....and I love her and she likes to let people know

She is getting more tolerant of her tummy time.

I could stare at this face forever.

Evy and daddy time.
She loves sleeping next to her daddy.

I can't believe I have an almost 2 month old.  I can tell that she wants to start making new noises any minute.  She really studies my face and mouth when I sing and talk to her.  It won't be long and I just know I'm going to hear those magical words "momma and dada."  

She's such a blessing to our family and we have been blessed beyond measure with how healthy and amazing she is.  God is so good!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Taylor Swift, I'm Sorry

Here I go again, handing out apologies. I've had a problem with Taylor Swift ever since she sang her Tim McGraw song in his face at some awards show a long time ago. It bugged me.  It made me uncomfortable.  It made me uncomfortable for Tim McGraw.  It made me develop a huge dislike for her one-hair-style-wearing-tall self.  I mean, get a new look.

Well, I've had a change of heart lately.  Actually, I've had a change of heart for awhile but DID NOT want to admit it.  She's not that bad.  Okay, okay, she's pretty great.  No matter how much I wanted to dislike her I kept finding myself never changing the station when her songs would come on and always singing it sometime throughout the day.  She had me, but I wasn't letting anyone know.

I'm pretty stubborn about my music.  By this I mean that if someone I know annoys me with their love for an artist or if that person just annoys me in general I have a hard time liking what they like.  It's ridiculous I know.  It's a problem that I am dealing with ;)

I heard Taylor's new song on the radio yesterday and of course I was loving it and hoping it would play again before I got home.  She really is a good songwriter and I've read nothing but good things about her and all the good that she does and how nice she is and blah blah blah.

Being in my new role as a mother the first thing that comes to my mind when I look at people is "that's someone's kid" and it gives me a whole new perspective on everything I think and do.  If Taylor Swift was my daughter I would be so proud of her.  I hope Evelyn has major dreams and goals that she chases and catches and just keeps reaching for that higher star in the sky.  Taylor Swift, I'm proud of you. I'm proud of your accomplishments and your talent.  I'm proud of you that you overcame being picked on and turned it into something positive.  I'm proud that you are someone I will let Evelyn listen to and not be afraid that she is going to pick up some bad habits from your music.

Her best look yet.

Now I just need someone to be proud of me for letting go of my ridiculous reasons for not liking someone.  Hey, at 31 years old you still have room to mature.

Wonder who I will be apologizing to next? :)

This is my Taylor Swift hair :)


Ps. Yes, I have changed up my blog yet once again.  Sorry, I just like changing it up.  I don't get to rearrange my furniture in the house because A) Zach doesn't like to and B) The furniture is too big to put it anywhere else so this is my way of "rearranging furniture".  It makes me happy!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Nights

Holy cow! It has been hot hot hot outside! I am so ready for fall weather and all the fun stuff that comes with the fall season.  I'm not, however, ready to go back to work.  But that's not until October 1st so we won't even talk about it ;)

Evelyn will be 6 weeks tomorrow!! She has changed so much in these 6 weeks and is starting to come out of her newborn stage and is starting to look more like a baby baby.  She is very alert and awake during the day and it's very rare if she sleeps for more than an hour at a time.  Which is good because I only have to get up once during the night.  I love to watch her watch everything around her.  I can't wait until we start seeing her little personality coming out and I'm waiting each day for those first cooo's and caaaaa's.  I know it's going to happen any day now :)

We have been trying to get her on a night schedule so when I do go back to work it won't be so rough.  We try to give her her last bottle and put her down between 8 and 9.  It's been working pretty good. There's only been a few nights where Evelyn just wasn't sleeping and that was that!  Now, I'm not a summer time person, I don't participate in summer activities and I don't go outside much but there is a little bit of depression that sets in on the nights when we put Evy down while the sun is still out.  We are climbing into bed and whispering to each other so we don't wake her up while the rest of the world (at least it seems) is just starting their night and doing some fun summer night activities. Sometimes I think I want to join in but then I see this cute little chubby sweet face snoozing away and that trumps any plans anyone has :)

Now that Evy is 6 weeks old it means that I have made it through my 6 week rest period.  Time to get with it and start eating better and get back on an exercise routine.  I've dropped around 20 pounds but that was mostly all that pregnancy, bloated, big uterus weight.  Now I can see the damage I did during my pregnancy and it's time to GET IT TOGETHER! I would really like to fit into my work pants when I return.  AND I would like to maybe buy some new stuff too :) Wish me luck! The goal I am going for is to have the title Hot Mom! ;) I'll keep you updated on my progress.  

What blog is going to be complete without a picture of my precious little bird.....