All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Taylor Swift, I'm Sorry

Here I go again, handing out apologies. I've had a problem with Taylor Swift ever since she sang her Tim McGraw song in his face at some awards show a long time ago. It bugged me.  It made me uncomfortable.  It made me uncomfortable for Tim McGraw.  It made me develop a huge dislike for her one-hair-style-wearing-tall self.  I mean, get a new look.

Well, I've had a change of heart lately.  Actually, I've had a change of heart for awhile but DID NOT want to admit it.  She's not that bad.  Okay, okay, she's pretty great.  No matter how much I wanted to dislike her I kept finding myself never changing the station when her songs would come on and always singing it sometime throughout the day.  She had me, but I wasn't letting anyone know.

I'm pretty stubborn about my music.  By this I mean that if someone I know annoys me with their love for an artist or if that person just annoys me in general I have a hard time liking what they like.  It's ridiculous I know.  It's a problem that I am dealing with ;)

I heard Taylor's new song on the radio yesterday and of course I was loving it and hoping it would play again before I got home.  She really is a good songwriter and I've read nothing but good things about her and all the good that she does and how nice she is and blah blah blah.

Being in my new role as a mother the first thing that comes to my mind when I look at people is "that's someone's kid" and it gives me a whole new perspective on everything I think and do.  If Taylor Swift was my daughter I would be so proud of her.  I hope Evelyn has major dreams and goals that she chases and catches and just keeps reaching for that higher star in the sky.  Taylor Swift, I'm proud of you. I'm proud of your accomplishments and your talent.  I'm proud of you that you overcame being picked on and turned it into something positive.  I'm proud that you are someone I will let Evelyn listen to and not be afraid that she is going to pick up some bad habits from your music.

Her best look yet.

Now I just need someone to be proud of me for letting go of my ridiculous reasons for not liking someone.  Hey, at 31 years old you still have room to mature.

Wonder who I will be apologizing to next? :)

This is my Taylor Swift hair :)


Ps. Yes, I have changed up my blog yet once again.  Sorry, I just like changing it up.  I don't get to rearrange my furniture in the house because A) Zach doesn't like to and B) The furniture is too big to put it anywhere else so this is my way of "rearranging furniture".  It makes me happy!


  1. I totally get the urge to want to rearrange furniture. Aaaaand Taylor is somewhat growing on me too, in the sense that I always sing along, and catch myself mid-song going "WAIT this is Taylor!". No doubt about it the girl has it going on and I'm sure has made some momma proud.

  2. Just the fact that you realize this, is a show of maturity. Everything changes when you have the responsibility of someone elses future. I am very proud of you as a new mommy and as my niece. Aunt Lucy


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