All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Zoo Trip

Last weekend we took Evelyn to the zoo for the first time.  She didn't really pay a whole lot of attention to the animals.  She people watched instead.  She's very drawn to little kids.  It's funny to me how she knows the difference between them and adults.  I'm excited for her to have more play dates.  I think she is finally big enough to play with other kids because she is mobile and can "chat".  Her talking has REALLY picked up lately.  Obviously we all have no idea what she is saying but she sure has a lot to say.

Zoo Pics
1. I didn't realize we were wearing the same color of shirt until I saw these pics.
We are not that couple that matches.  Although I'm not totally against it ;)
2. Kaycee had to look at the sea life with her.  I can't stomach to look.
3. Animal watching with daddy.
4. Evy's hair is long enough to hold a clip without the headband.

1. Zoo family pic.
2. They may bite.
3. Notice daddy's head at the bottom of the picture in case she decided to leap.
4. Kid zoo.

1. Parrot.
2. Talking to the Giraffes.
3. Daddy and Evy.
4. Flamingos.  They were fighting. It was funny.

1. Not sure what this was but it was small and cute and I need one.
2. Penguin watching.
3. Giant turtle that should have a sign posted that says "HOT!"
4. A real giant turtle.

And just a little family fun.

1. Morning smiles.
2. Best friends.
3. Tulsa Drillers baseball game.
4. Mommy and Evy

Have a good week everyone! Hopefully I can make a midweek post.  We've been trying really really hard to stay up after Evelyn goes down for the night.  


ps -I almost have a one year old.  A year ago this weekend I was having my big friends and family baby shower.  This year I put together her birthday party invitations.  What an amazing year this has been so far.  This little girl has her momma and daddy's heart.  I'm so excited to celebrate!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oklahoma Storms

I never thought I would be excited for warmer weather coming my way.  These Oklahoma tornados are too much for me to handle.  If you are a reader outside of the Oklahoma area you have probably seen all the coverage on the national news.  My heart just breaks for all those experiencing loss of any kind.  I can't even watch coverage anymore cause it just makes me too sad.

We had a close call this past Thursday night.  There was a tornado that hit very very very close to my house.  As in some of the places that were hit were literally less than 5 minutes from my house.  Zach has become quite the storm tracker lately so he keeps us on our toes with the latest weather updates.  Thursday evening after I put Evelyn down the sky started looking green and wicked.  The clouds behind our house were starting to look like something I didn't want to see.

Evy helping track the storms.

While we were looking at the sky I heard the newscaster say "If you're in the Broken Arrow area take cover now."  My heart dropped and it made me shake even more when Zach said "Get Evelyn."  This made it so real and so scary.

I grabbed her from her crib and strapped her in her car seat, put her in the tub with Phoebe and I and Zach covered us in the couch cushions.  The laptop was in the bathroom with us with the news on.  I could here him say "It's touched down in Oneta."  Oneta, the part of Broken Arrow that I live in.  For about 5 seconds my whole body got hot with fear and I thought to myself "what if this is it?"

I shook that feeling as soon as I could and began praying.  I just kept thinking about all those people in Moore, Oklahoma and how scared they must have been.  People were saying on the news that it was so loud that they couldn't hear anything.  I did't want to hear that sound.  Evelyn didn't make a peep.  She just kept looking at me and I knew I couldn't let anything happen to her.  If I had to shove my body underneath the handle of her car seat and wrap my body around it that is EXACTLY what I was going to do whether it broke my back or not.  It made me sick that I was even having to come up with a plan. Side note - I tried it out the next day and I can fit under the handle.

I kept getting texts from a lot of people but I couldn't text back.  Nothing was going through.  We were both getting calls but we couldn't call back.  I knew our family was probably freaking.  I would have been.

After about 30 minutes in the tub and sporting my bicycle helmet Zach released us.  Phoebe was the first to get out.  Let me tell you there is NO ROOM in a small bathtub with me, a car seat and an 85 pound dog.  When I stood up I couldn't even feel my feet and there was soap all over my pillow.  No big deal.  I was just happy to be safe.  

Friday night more tornados struck Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.  There have been 9 confirmed deaths.  It just breaks my heart.  We have decided that we don't care about the cost, we are investing in a storm shelter.  I can't take that overtaking fear not knowing if the small room in the middle of the house is going to protect my family or not.

Please say a prayer for Oklahoma tonight.  Pray for strength, comfort and peace.  I know there are a lot of people that need it.