All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Zoo Trip

Last weekend we took Evelyn to the zoo for the first time.  She didn't really pay a whole lot of attention to the animals.  She people watched instead.  She's very drawn to little kids.  It's funny to me how she knows the difference between them and adults.  I'm excited for her to have more play dates.  I think she is finally big enough to play with other kids because she is mobile and can "chat".  Her talking has REALLY picked up lately.  Obviously we all have no idea what she is saying but she sure has a lot to say.

Zoo Pics
1. I didn't realize we were wearing the same color of shirt until I saw these pics.
We are not that couple that matches.  Although I'm not totally against it ;)
2. Kaycee had to look at the sea life with her.  I can't stomach to look.
3. Animal watching with daddy.
4. Evy's hair is long enough to hold a clip without the headband.

1. Zoo family pic.
2. They may bite.
3. Notice daddy's head at the bottom of the picture in case she decided to leap.
4. Kid zoo.

1. Parrot.
2. Talking to the Giraffes.
3. Daddy and Evy.
4. Flamingos.  They were fighting. It was funny.

1. Not sure what this was but it was small and cute and I need one.
2. Penguin watching.
3. Giant turtle that should have a sign posted that says "HOT!"
4. A real giant turtle.

And just a little family fun.

1. Morning smiles.
2. Best friends.
3. Tulsa Drillers baseball game.
4. Mommy and Evy

Have a good week everyone! Hopefully I can make a midweek post.  We've been trying really really hard to stay up after Evelyn goes down for the night.  


ps -I almost have a one year old.  A year ago this weekend I was having my big friends and family baby shower.  This year I put together her birthday party invitations.  What an amazing year this has been so far.  This little girl has her momma and daddy's heart.  I'm so excited to celebrate!

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