All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas weekend.
May your house be filled with love and cheer.

2012 Christmas card

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders.  And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

Happy 5 year anniversary to the Rowell's!!! Boy, what a difference 5 years makes.  Who would've thought we would be home, dog and baby owners :) I sure didn't!  As I was leaving work the other day I thought of how blessed I am and how thankful that I don't mind one bit going home to my family and my non-work life.  Really.  I know there are people out there that dread going home because they don't like their home life for whatever reason.  I know these people exist because I've known these people and I'm so glad and BLESSED that I'm not one of them.  I leave work every day so thankful for my place in life and all the blessings in it.  Thank you Lord for your loving kindness!  It's because of you and my relationship with you that I feel this joy of life.
Several weeks ago Zach called me at work to see if I could take off on the 14th and surprised me with the fact that he got us tickets to a Oklahoma City Thunder game.  Wahoo!! I was ExcIteD!!  I love me some Thunder basketball.  I don't miss a game.  

We headed out Friday morning (it's only about a 2 hour drive) and did us a little shopping before we headed to the stadium.  I knew Zach got us some good seats but I didn't know just how good.  They were awesome!! It was an awesome anniversary gift.  If I were rich we would definitely have season tickets.  Maybe one day.

My Fav! 

Perkins signing some stuff.
See, he is nice :)

Perkins running to the locker room

View from our seats

Hey, it's me!

Sefolosha.  Love him.  Think he looked at me.

Just some coach/player talk

You know those people with the big sticks behind the goal?  That was me!


And if sleeping in her own room wasn't grown up enough, my little bird got shoes this weekend.
Matching momma of course.

And we sat in our high chair for the first time
we were introduced to baby food
(green beans if you were wondering)

Helping daddy make some cookies.

It's almost Christmas time!! I better get my butt in gear and start watching some more Christmas movies.  I still haven't watched Home Alone or While You Were Sleeping!  It's not Christmas until those are watched.  If you've been reading since last year you would know that I have my own little Christmas Eve tradition of watching Sister Act 2 and The Mighty Ducks 2.  Weird movies, I know, but I've been watching them for the past 16 years.  Since we have Evelyn I'm afraid I'm going to have to break the tradition somewhat (still watching them but maybe not Christmas Eve night) and incorporate actual Christmas movies.  

Have a good week and be sure to spread cheer!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Bunko!

This past weekend my sister hosted a Bunko party at her house.  LOVE playing some Bunko.  It gets loud and louder!  I woke up Sunday with a very sore throat from all the yelling.  It can get pretty intense :) Here's some pics.....

And of course there is this little amazing person.....

Did I mention that Saturday is my 5 year  wedding anniversary and my wonderful thoughtful husband is taking me to a Thunder game?

I am SO READY to Thunder Up!!!  Can't wait!

Happy 12/12/12

Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa Baby

Evelyn had her first pic with Saint Nick last weekend and guess what?  She did AWESOME!  I was really thinking there could be some sort of freak out.  I was ready for it.  The baby two people in front of us had herself a little crying fit (which I actually thought was pretty stinkin' cute) so I just knew Evy was going to be winding it up any minute.  

I plopped her on Santa's lap, daddy and I took our spots behind the photographer and we then did a little dance or two.  (Waving our hands, clucking like a chicken, smiling like fools, you know, those parents.)  As soon as that smile showed up on her face you could hear a chorus of "Awwwwwww" coming from everyone around us.  Okay, so maybe it was just the next few people in line, but I feel the need to exaggerate the story just a little bit.  

First pic with Santa = SUCCESS
Next year when she is one and is way more aware of her surroundings = POTENTIAL FAILURE

Waiting in line for Santa

Merry Christmas!

Can you believe my little birdie is 5 months already?  Only 5 months and my picture collection of her is EXTREME.  I don't care.  I'm documenting everything.  I never want to forget how things were and looked.  She'll want to know about it all one day.

I finally gave in and moved her to her crib.  She was just getting too big for the bassinet and I've known it for awhile but I wasn't ready to let her go.  Oh, there was a break down last Friday night.  I was so sad that she was in a whole other room.  Now that she has all this space, the monitor proved that she is an active sleeper.

Can't leave Phoebe out.
She wants to be included in the blog too.

Aaaannnndddd this picture makes me happy
Girl Meets World
Google it

It's time to watch the last part of the Thunder game and take myself to bed.  Got a big Christmas Bunko party tomorrow night.  Gonna need some rest.  Bunko's a serious game.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So, Okay.....

I'm sure most of you know what time of year it is. I'm sure most of you have been looking at your calendar with much excitement.  I'm sure you've been wondering why on earth didn't it make it's yearly appearance in November like it usually does.   Well, according to the bajillion websites I've checked (that may be a bit of an exaggeration) it's supposed to be here on December 17th.

I've got one word for you.....


And I'm saving up some calories for it!!!!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stars: They're Just Like Us

I'm linking up today with my blog buddy Holly. (Who, BTW, is one of my favorite blogs to follow.  Crazy funny lady.  Please check her out. You won't be sorry.)  We're talking celebrities today.  Have you ever seen or met a celebrity?  Are you just a little obsessed with US Weekly?  Do you wish you were one of the rich and famous?  Yes, yes and yes.

I feel like the celebrities in the pictures below should be posting these pics to their Facebooks letting the world know they've had their pictures taken with me. Right? Well, that's the way I like to view it.  The purpose of the link-up today is to share your celebrity sightings?  I couldn't decide on just one so I'm throwing them all at you today.  With pictures for proof. (Except for one.)

Yes, some of these pictures were taken because I absolutely followed them to their location and made these moments happen.  Were they all pleased with me?  No.  But guess what?  You wanna be famous and be in my sights you better get ready for the approach.
-Jordan Knight-

This was taken in the lobby of his hotel after his concert about 8 years ago.
Did we drive like nuts down a one way street downtown to follow the black car with tinted windows that we weren't even really sure that belong to him to get this pic?
Did he say one word to me while I professed my life long love for the New Kids on the Block?
Was it one of the BEST moments of my life?
Oh yeah!

-Isaac Hanson-

This was taken in the parking lot of my work place.
One thing I can tell you about Isaac Hanson.....he was not MY biggest fan.  It was obvious he was busy.  On and off his phone before he ever entered the building.  I spotted him out the window and immediately ran to the lobby to cut him off before he went anywhere.  I waited.....and waited.....and waited.  When he finally came inside I sat in the chairs outside the elevators and stairs.  I knew he was going upstairs and that was the only way to get there.  HeWAS going to see me.  
I had made my decision, if he was going up the elevator I was jumping in with him.  If he took the steps.....I guess I was just going to let him go.  Which option did he take?  The steps.  I froze and then blurted out "Hey!"  He turned around, still on the phone, and gave me a half way dirty look.  I could tell he wasn't up for a chat and I didn't know my next line so I idiotically asked, "Are you Isaac Hanson?"  MORON!!!!
He pointed to his phone (as if to tell me he was on an important call and did not want to be interrupted) and nodded his head.  That was it.  The end of our relationship.....or was it?


I was immediately ticked that he didn't even give a little wave.  Jerk.
Well guess what?  He had to leave the building at some point so he was going to see my pretty face again.  I was going to respect his privacy if he was still on the phone when he left.  I didn't want to be too ridiculous.  I watched out the front window for maybe 45 minutes and all of a sudden there he was. Walking to his car.  I made my way out the side door to cut him off yet another time.  I busted out the door and yelled "Isaac!"  He turned.  He saw my face.  He frowned.  I still approached him with a pen and Hanson poster in hand.  I asked if he would sign my poster and he acted so put out that he had to open his door and put his man bag down to free up his hands.  At this point I was so over him.  I just wanted my poster back so I could get back to work.  As soon as I turned around most of my co-workers were standing in the doorway and one was in my face with a camera.  She basically told him he was going to take a picture with me and that's exactly what he did.

We never saw each other again.

For all you PBR fans here is the beautiful Robson 
Palermo himself.  Doesn't speak much English so I may or may not have shown him pictures of my dog.

-Katherine McPhee-

Met her at the Tulsa State Fair.  Thank you Denver for helping me meet her even though the meet and greet session was already over.

-Brian Littrell-

Met him after we saw him by the tour busses before the NKOTBSB concert.  We stopped in the middle of street, car running and ran to the gate yelling his name.  He was trying to ignore us because he was driving remote control cars with his kid.  We won!

-Amy Grant-

This was such a surreal moment.  I grew up on her music and she has been such an inspiration when it comes to my own music.  She had a show in Broken Arrow a couple of years ago and I had the hook up to get backstage.  It was a very special moment for my brother and sister and I.

Okay, so, I've also met Steve Guttenberg but I cannot cannot cannot find that picture.  My sister and I met him in Las Vegas several years ago and he was absolutely so nice.  Once I find the picture you will be the first to know.

OH, and while I was going through some old stuff last week I found this little number.....

Been spotting celebrities my whole life I guess.

Happy Friday to you!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thank You For All My Hands Can Hold

Oh goodness, where do I even start with what I am thankful for.  Soooooo much!  This Thanksgiving was filled with too many things to mention.  It was such a blessing to have my little one sit at the table with us while we ate.  It excites me to know that this is just the beginning of many many many Thanksgivings together and starting our own traditions.

We started the morning like I have for many years by watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I have to say I was a little emotional.  I get this way around the holidays but adding a new baby to the mix is going to make me a cry baby for sure!

Parade Watching

Happy Thanksgiving

We haven't had a family photo since her newborn pics a week after she was born.
It was time for one.....

.....or two

Big girl at the dinner table.

I DID NOT participate in Black Friday shopping.  All those people just shoving and pushing are ridiculous.  I really just don't need anything that bad. 

I did, however, sign up with Instagram and I'm kind of addicted.  I didn't want to sign up cause I didn't want to follow the trend of what everyone else was doing but I gave in.  

#1 reason why I like makes everything look prettier :)

Oh, AND we started cereal this week. She just looked so stinkin' cute with that little spoon in her mouth.  I just love her!

Did a little Christmas decorating in the house.
I didn't get around to it last year cause I was pregnant and just didn't feel good.
NOT this year!  

Saw this on Pinterest and it made me laugh.  I actually never saw this movie until I met Zach.  Now it's one of our favorite movies to watch every year.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break and have fun returning to work tomorrow.  Lucky for me I don't return until Wednesday.  Yay!