All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank You For All My Hands Can Hold

Time to get my grub on! Thanksgiving means it's time to kick off the Christmas season. I WILL NOT be participating in the craziness of Black Friday. You will find me at work where half of the office is gone and it will be wonderfully quiet. It's probably the best day to have to work. I save my time off from work for Christmas time. This year I managed to get the whole week after Christmas off and it's going to be amazing.

I plan on today being calm and relaxing. We only have one Thanksgiving dinner to attend and it's very close to our house. Not a lot of travel time. I've had a small breakfast this morning to save room for all the wonderful food that will be filling my plate. Bring. It. On.

Both Zach and I woke up at 4:36 this morning for no reason at all. We tried to go back to sleep but we were not successful. So we decided to turn the t.v on and we were just in time for the early morning block of Full House. A wonderful way to wake up. We decided that someone needs to publish a book of Danny Tanner lessons. Maybe I should just make my own to read to my kids one day.

Now, I'm watching my FAVORITE parade of all, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It really gets me in the holiday spirit. I wish I was in New York City so bad. One day I'm going to attend this parade and it's going to be awesome!

New York City Macy's

After a wonderful feast at my mother-in-laws today we are going to attend the Tulsa Oilers hockey game this evening. We've gone the past few years so it's become a little tradition now. We try to get all of our cousins together for a little cousin time but not all of them make it in.

I'm very thankful this year for many things. Mostly, the many blessings I receive every single day from my Lord and Saviour. I'm thankful every day for the people in my life and the amazing gifts that I know on most days I take for granted. I know God has a lot in store for Zach and I this next year and I promise to be still and linger in His love and take it in slow.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope there is peace and love at all your family gatherings this holiday weekend.

Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to my friends Alan and Lindsi and congratulate them on the birth of their new baby boy Cale who was born last Friday. I know what they are thankful for this year :)

Get your Christmas movies out, it's time!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dog Days of Fall

Phoebe got the spa treatment this weekend at The Sloppy Dog Wash.  If you live in the Tulsa/Broken Arrow area you need to come give it a try.  With Phoebe it was definitely a 2 person job.  She's a big girl :) Other than this eventful event my weekend was pretty slow and laid back.  Those are the best! It gave me time to clean my garage (which I've been trying to do for weeks now) and get some things organized in the house.  My niece and nephew also spent the night with us this weekend and it's always good to have them around. We did double digit multiplication races.  Boy do I need to work on my multiplication.  I used to have it memorized but that was several several years ago :) I did learn that 6 and 8 went on a date and sat at table 48! Betcha I don't forget that one any more :)

My niece Aubrey and my brother Adam

I'm clean!

Have a good week! I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Goodbye October

Hello November!! I love that the whole month of October we wind ourselves up for the goblins and ghouls and focus on the scary and insane but then BAM November 1st shows up and its time to get in the sweet Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit.  Nothing makes me happier! I hope I don't sit on a stump this month like I did in October and actually put some decorations up.  It's so not like me but I just got lost in other matters and never got around to it.  I promise I will do better this month!

This past weekend was a busy busy one.  My lovely husband turned the big 3-1 and we had our annual Halloween party which turned out great and really tame.  I won't bore you with all the stories, mostly because there aren't any stand out ones.  It was just a good weekend with good friends and family.

Please enjoy my weekend through pictures.

The Birthday Boy!

We ate at Joe Momma's Pizza.
They have AMAZING cheesesticks!

On the phone with who knows??

We celebrated his birthday at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa.
Stoney Larue was playing.  Don't feel bad if you have no clue who he is.  He is a "Red Dirt" country singer.  I knew like one song.  It was still a fun time.
We reserved the VIP area upstairs so we could enjoy the concert privately.
My husband may or may not have some connections ;)


My boys Travis and Kevin

A little seating area.

My girls Ashley and Lyndsey

Lacy and Josh
Love them!

The entrance to Cain's

Denver, Payton and Kelli
All smiles!

He randomly breaks out in an air guitar solo.
By randomly I mean all the time.

Our view

Duh! Of course I'm taking a picture of this!
I love me some Hanson! That's no joke.
The play here a lot.  I have a post coming soon about them.

Best moment of the night? When Travis totally Broke.It.Down with this lady.
I was laughing so hard I could not catch my breath.

And the man we went to see.....Mr. Stoney Larue

Now for Part 2 of the weekend
The Halloween Party

The backyard graveyard

Hey, who invited this guy?

Party on Wayne.
Party on Garth.

Giants pitcher Brian Wilson going to the ESPY's

So, I got this idea from Pinterest.
Make a giant Polaroid picture.
I could've done better but this was my first go at making something from Pinterest.
Not bad right? I think the cropped pictures look pretty good.

Sister Lindsey

And I most certainly will have more "blurps" at the next function. 
I loved them!

Down The Road

Amber and Christy

Payton and Jennifer

"Starlite-Rainbow Brite
A little wish in the moonlight
Sunbeams sparkle and shine
You'll always be a friend of mine."

These lyrics have been with me my whole life.
Can't seem to forget them.

James and Ashley

My girls again - and Travis

GI Joe!

Hello Kitty!

My Candy Corn Dip!

Donnie and Adam

Lady Gaga!

Ace Ventura
Loved it!

Good 'ol Travis.
I guess no dancing tonight :)

I've been know to bust a move or two or three.
Someone needs to STOP me from doing the Thriller.
This is me asking for an intervention :)
I guess I just can't help myself.

Jeff Nobile baaaaabby!

Lacy as Black Swan

The End