All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Katy Perry Made Me Cry

Ever since I became a momma I find myself getting very emotional about EvErYtHiNg! I can't even explain how obsessed I am with this child. In a good way of course :)  She's just always on my mind.  I'm most certain that all parents feel this way.  I just can't get enough of her.  She makes every day amazing.  

This evening I decided to see what was new on Netflix and came across Katy Perry's movie Part Of Me.  I wouldn't say I'm a super fan or anything but she is interesting and I think she is so gorgeous and I dig her music.  And I approve of her being with John Mayer.  I AM a super fan of his and it's not just any old girl that I want him to be with.  Anyways, as I was watching I was laying with Evelyn as she had her bottle and I just was flooded with all this emotion.  I think it was because it showed clips of her being a little girl and then to see her on stage living her dream and reaching out to people really got to me.  I pray every day that Zach and I become parents that are open and supportive and give Evelyn opportunities to live out her dreams.  Whatever they may be.  

When Evelyn finished her bottle I brought her to her room to rock her and as I prayed over her I just began to sob.  I haven't had a good sob in awhile and it felt good.  As I cried I continued praying and talking to the Lord and opening myself up to him.  It's not too often that I have these intense heart to hearts with him but when I do I feel like a brand new person ready to take on the world.  It makes me rethink what I'm doing and how I'm living and I want to be the best person I can be for Evelyn.  So thank you, Katy Perry, for turning me into a raccoon this evening.  

I love her puffy morning face.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Evelyn's Birthday Party

Yes, Evelyn's birthday party was a week and a half ago so I'm staying up past my bedtime to get this posted.  All you busy blogging momma's out there I'm sure know what I'm talking about.  After Evy goes to sleep at night it's either write a blog or go to sleep.  I usually choose sleep.  This will explain my lack of blogging.

Anyways, back to the topic of the blog, Evelyn's birthday party was perfect!  I wasn't stressed and I got to enjoy the party and not just throw it.  I was concerned that I would be so wrapped up in making it perfect that I would only be able to enjoy it in pictures.  (By the way -thank you Ashley for taking pictures! You rock!)  And thank you to my family for helping me set everything up and take everything down.  We rented a room at one of the community centers and had 4 hours to do everything.  It was only $80 to rent it and it supplied all the table and chairs.  So worth not having people at my house.  Too messy and too crowded.  And when you have a time limit on the room no one can linger.  Genius.

And yes, the following pictures are from 2 different birthday parties.  We pretty much celebrated her birthday for a week and a half.  

Now I guess it's time to start planning for next year ;)

Time for this blogging momma to get some sleep.

ps -while writing this I have been watching Full House. (I seriously can't get enough of this show) Mark your calendars for this Friday.  Jesse and the Rippers are on Jimmy Fallon.  I may explode with emotion.  I need a Full House reunion!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So we are walking as of last night. Totally on her own walking. :) 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Evelyn's Birthday

Happy Birthday Evelyn Revay

Well, we did it.  We made it through the first year as parents.  Whew! What an adventure it has been.  I feel like it's gone by so fast yet I feel like she has been here forever.  I can't even believe it's been a year already.  This day last year I was laying in a hospital bed completely unaware of how much work a baby really is yet how it came so naturally that it didn't always seem like work.  It's just a normal part of the day.

We took off work yesterday and headed to the mall to make her first Build-A-Bear and find a good pair of walking shoes.  Side note: a redheaded baby gets LOTS of attention in public.  There hasn't been one time that I have gone out in public and someone hasn't complimented her hair.  A lady pulled up and rolled down her window in Wal*Mart parking lot last week to tell me how pretty Evy's hair was and how she always wanted a redheaded baby.  Then once we got in the store I was stopped two more times with people telling me how they also wanted a redhead and then they continued to tell me about their Italian and Cherokee heritage so they don't think they will ever have one.  It's nothing for them to also pull out their phones to show me if they do have redheaded kids or grandkids.  One lady even yelled at me as she was leaving Hobby Lobby "They're so faithful!!"  I kid you not, this happens all the time.  Obviously she is the prettiest baby in the land in my eyes but that red hair sure makes her a topic of conversation.

I really did have the best day yesterday.  It was perfect!  Here's a little look into Evelyn's first birthday.

1. Morning bottle
2. Getting our feet sized
3. First carousel ride
4. More carousel fun

1. Watching her bear get stuffed
2. Our newest family member
3. Hat model
4. A stop in the Disney store

Birthday Cake time!!!!

Backyard photo shoot

We have her big birthday party on Saturday.  I hope it's a good turnout and I hope she enjoys it.  I know she won't remember a second of it but it's important to me for her to have it.  

Happy fourth to everyone! Be safe.  Be responsible.