All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Katy Perry Made Me Cry

Ever since I became a momma I find myself getting very emotional about EvErYtHiNg! I can't even explain how obsessed I am with this child. In a good way of course :)  She's just always on my mind.  I'm most certain that all parents feel this way.  I just can't get enough of her.  She makes every day amazing.  

This evening I decided to see what was new on Netflix and came across Katy Perry's movie Part Of Me.  I wouldn't say I'm a super fan or anything but she is interesting and I think she is so gorgeous and I dig her music.  And I approve of her being with John Mayer.  I AM a super fan of his and it's not just any old girl that I want him to be with.  Anyways, as I was watching I was laying with Evelyn as she had her bottle and I just was flooded with all this emotion.  I think it was because it showed clips of her being a little girl and then to see her on stage living her dream and reaching out to people really got to me.  I pray every day that Zach and I become parents that are open and supportive and give Evelyn opportunities to live out her dreams.  Whatever they may be.  

When Evelyn finished her bottle I brought her to her room to rock her and as I prayed over her I just began to sob.  I haven't had a good sob in awhile and it felt good.  As I cried I continued praying and talking to the Lord and opening myself up to him.  It's not too often that I have these intense heart to hearts with him but when I do I feel like a brand new person ready to take on the world.  It makes me rethink what I'm doing and how I'm living and I want to be the best person I can be for Evelyn.  So thank you, Katy Perry, for turning me into a raccoon this evening.  

I love her puffy morning face.


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