All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my favorite royal couple!!

Should've worn my tiara today.

Baby update coming soon.  The countdown is on!  My stomach gets a little bit rounder every day.  My regular shirts that I used to fit in are slowly starting to make me look like Gus Gus.

At least I'm still wearing pants :)

Have a good week! 


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Oh goodness! Here I go again not keeping up with my blog like I want to.  Some of my absence is due to being busy.  Some of it due to being tired.  And some of it due to my right arm hurting.  The job I do (and have done for 11 years now) involves A LOT of ten key and mouse work.  Constantly moving my wrist and arm and clicking clicking clicking.  It's bothered me from time to time over the years but I usually just stretch it out and it feels better.

I read recently that pregnant women are more prone to carpel tunnel so I got checked out by employee health and they think it's very possible that it's hurting me more than usual because I am pregnant.  The doctor told me "Once you deliver the baby, you will deliver this."  They gave me a brace to wear and came over and looked at my work space to see if I was sitting properly.  The only thing they want to change up is to give me a roll top mouse and an ergonomic keyboard all while wearing the brace.  So not happy about it.  I DO NOT like the ergonomic keyboard.  I DO NOT like the roll top mouse.  And I DO NOT like this brace.  It's making my hand hurt worse.  I even tried sleeping with it and I woke up with my thumb completely numb.  I really hope this fades because it's driving me nuts.

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good.  Evelyn is swishing around a whole lot these days.  Sometimes it catches me off guard and makes me jump.  We had our monthly checkup last week and everything is looking good.  She is measuring a little over a week ahead of schedule but my stomach was measuring right on track so they said it's possible that she may be a big baby.  My first thought was "I have to push that out."  We were also told that she could have hit a growth spurt or the ultrasound could just be a little off.  I did pass my glucose test so I know we are safe there.  

I can't believe how fast this is going by.  I'm 7 months today.  There will be a child in this house in the next 3 months and it's both exciting and scary.  Our worlds are about to change.  Phoebe has no idea what's about to happen.

Here's a little recap on wants been going on since the last post.

I made a picture for over Evy's crib.
Her room is completely done except for one wall.  That will have to just wait until I get really inspired to put something there.

A little sneak peak of her room.

I celebrated my 31st birthday with some Hideaway Pizza and some Cherry Berry.

I stumbled upon this dog just peaking out of Evy's room.
We had a stare off for a few minutes.  She just kept peaking out.
Not sure what she was up to.

So I made her pose in front of the crib.

We attended our friends wedding last weekend.

And today.....

I'm 28 weeks along.....

Promise I will try to do better with my updates.  The closer the due date gets the more I realize I have a lot of stuff to do before she gets here.  Tonight.....we doing some Pediatrics research.

Happy Dancing With The Stars results night!


Ps--I'm working on a new look for the blog so it's a work in progress right now.  Could be totally different the next time you check in.