All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's a short week for me this week and I've been looking forward to it for awhile. Zach Rowell's *gulp* 31st birthday is tomorrow so I decided to take the day off with him for a long weekend and then thought, what the heck, I'll go ahead and take Thursday off too! :) Today has been the BEST weather day so far!! Some people may disagree with me that the best day off consists of not sleeping in(Which I did not. I was up before 7.) and a cold rainy day(It's chilly, raining and dreary and it's perfect!) Phoebe and I snuggled in bed this morning just listening to the rain tap on the roof. I really didn't want to get out of bed but I couldn't waste my day.

I had all intentions of getting myself ready and heading to Hobby Lobby to check out some scrapbook stuff but instead I found myself cleaning the toilets which led to cleaning the whole bathroom which led to doing laundry which led to no trip to Hobby Lobby. It's probably for the best because that place just gets me in trouble!! Too many neat things live there that just need a home :)

I did, however, take me a little trip to Target and I found the neatest "Command Center". I've been looking for ideas on Pintreset (Holy cow! So addicted!! ) on ways to organize the mail that comes into this house. I started with a basket on my kitchen table that seemed to collect things like keys and sunglasses and pretty much just junk. My basket "Command Center" failed. I was reading in one of my magazines that a great way to keep your mail neat and hidden in the kitchen was to put it in a bread box. Genius! What a perfect idea. Well, guess what? I don't know if they even make the old school roll down front ones any more. Wal*Mart didn't have any and Target had one but it was silver and little and dumb. My heart may have dropped a little bit. I was really hoping to find me a bread box.

So, I bought this thing from Target that has a dry erase/magnet board, 4 little drawers, a mail slot and some hooks for keys. It was awesome! And only 30 bucks! I think God eliminated all bread boxes so that I could find this amazing creation! Right? Not exactly! When I got it home I discovered that the dry erase/magnet board was all warped and awful looking. Guess what's going back to Target tomorrow? And also the cute little eraser and dry erase marker set I got. Oh, well. Not meant to be. I now have a little $6 basket I found at Wal*Mart that I think will corral all my mail. Let's hope other crap doesn't wind up in there.

I've been on an organizing kick lately and I blame Pinterest. So many dang good ideas on there! The past few weeks I have made myself put my ipad down and Go.To.Sleep! Hopefully in the next few months (maybe before the first of the year) my house will be where it needs to be. Right now it makes me sick to look at some areas because it's Out Of Control. I'm about to tackle my pantry so if anyone has any good ideas for that let me know. It's just a basic closet pantry. It's not very big so I need to make the best use of my space. Help me out.

Anyone watching Hart of Dixie? The new Monday night show on the CW? It's really cute and I'm a fan of Rachel Bilson. She is so cute and has the cutest style on the show. If you haven't checked it out yet maybe you should give it a try.

I know this post is skipping around worse than a sun warped record but that's kind of how my mind feels. I just have a busy weekend and then after Halloween I plan on getting my butt in gear and dropping some pounds. I'm the best at coming up with an awesome eating/working out plan but the WORST at following through with it. I'm that person that looks at the doughnut and says, "I'll start tomorrow." Well, too many tomorrow's have made my pants a little tight today. Something's got to give and I know it's food. It's my weakness cause it just tastes so friggin good!! One of these days I will stick to a program and hopefully November 1st will be that day. Wish me luck! Until then I'm going to celebrate my husby's birthday on Friday with a concert at Cain's Ballroom and on Saturday it's the annuall Halloween party at my brothers. My sister and I are going as Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World. We are going for the cute girly versions so let's all pray that works out and we don't look like a couple of dudes that no one has a clue who we are.

Happy Halloween to all of you!! Stay safe and warm!!

 Halloween 2010

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wine Eats and Easels

It's that time of year again for Broken Arrow's annual Wine Eats and Easels.  It's an event held every year in the fall that lets you taste all the wine and food you want from local venders.  And there's also art.  I'm not gonna lie, I never pay attention to the art.  I'm there to sample some food and beverages and enjoy being outside in the nice weather.  It was perfect this year!

Every year they have a butt sketch artist there and I've never done it before because I always thought he did a funny version of people's backsides.  Mine is funny enough so I don't need anyone adding to it :)  I was really impressed with his talent and now must make this an every year thing.  It wasn't at all what I expected.  Check out there site.

The turn out of people was really good this year and I had fun hanging out with my family.

Me and Kaycee

Grady Nichols

He just had to make a goofy face!

Brother and Sister :)

Pretty cool, huh?

We had to stand in this position for what seemed like forever.
My feet hurt afterwards.

Still not allowed to move.

I mean, that guy behind me is totally checking out my butt. For real :)

The finished product.

Looking forward to next year!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Child Actor?

So, this week at work this picture has been on display at my desk. 

 Last week was Customer Service Week so we were asked to bring in old photos of ourselves.  This is my sixth grade picture.  Don't you just love that DJ Tanner hair?  -I'm thinking about bringing it back :)

So far I have been compared to two child actors-Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster) and Lindsey Lohan.  I don't see the resemblance but I'll let you be the judge.

While searching for pictures of lil 'ole Punky herself I came across an amazing picture.....

That's Zack Morris himself!

Who would've thought they would come together again years later on Saved By The Bell.
(Remember she was using Screech for his money from his success with the secret sauce?)
The sauce you can have but the secret, she's a-mine!

If you are a Punky fan then you gotta check out her new book,  Wait, I gotta check out her new book.  I'm not a momma yet but this book looks really interesting and I enjoy taking glimpses into the life's of the rich and famous.

And speaking of books, Miss Jesse Spano herself has a new book out.  Again, I don't have any kids but this book looks really good.  Especially if you have tween/teen daughter.  I think I might get it, read it, and give it to my niece.  She just turned 12 so she might be into it.

  I follow these gals on Twitter and they always have good stuff to say.  Speaking of Twitter (you know I geek out when someone actually tweets me back) I got a couple of tweets in the past few weeks :)

So, me and Fred Savage are pretty much BFF by now.  As some of you may know, he is a producer for the show Happy Endings - which if you're not watching then you are missing out on a hilarious show.  And the girls on there have some good fashion.  Well, I watched the season premiere 2 weeks ago and of course I had to tell my BFF how I felt about it.  I tweeted "Happy Endings was amahzing! I'm all about Year of Penny"  She's my fav! :)

He didn't respond back to me BUT he did retweet my tweet.  I love Fred!


There's more.....Model/Actress Amber Valletta totally tweeted me back.  You may not recognize the name right away but I bet you've seen her movies.  The one I recognize her from was Hitch.  She was Allegra Cole, the one Kevin James was in love with.

The reason I follow her is because she is a fellow Tulsan.  Yep, raised right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I read that she still lives her but I'm not 100% sure.  

Our conversation went something like this.....

Me - Hello from Tulsa! :()
Amber - hello T-town! X AV

And there you have it,  my wonderful world of Twitter.  It's the small things in life that make me happy.

Since we're talking Saved By The Bell here is a pretty sight to close this post with.

Franklin and Bash is coming back with season 2.  Be on the look out.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Not only is State Fair a great movie but it's a great time!  Saturday one of my favorite fall activities took place.  The Tulsa State Fair was in town!  We know it's going to be the same stuff every year but we always go.  It's just fun to walk around and maybe bump into some people you know.  I for sure got my corn dog this year and it was just as yummy as I remember it.  And I got some lemonade to go with it of course.  And guess what?  That was all I ate.  Surrounded by major diet wreckers and I stood strong and only ate what I went for.  

As a kid I don't ever remember playing the fair games on the Midway.  I don't think we even got an option of playing them.  I didn't play any at all this year but our friend that was with us LOVES him some fair games to we strolled the Midway, stopping at each game and checking it out.  Some people from our group played some and I just had the best time watching.  This was probably one of my best experiences I've ever had at the fair.  Zach Rowell and my cousin Kaycee got the bright idea that we should find the old time picture booth and all get in there together - there were seven of us.  When we finally found it some of us were holding back like they didn't want to participate but in the end they gave in and it's pretty much the best picture every taken.  I could not stop laughing when all seven of us plus the three workers were all getting dressed in the world's tiniest trailer. It was so funny and a moment I will soon not forget.

It turned out to be a really great night with great weather (I wished it was just a little bit chillier) and great people.  Two of the guys with us were visiting from out of town so it was nice to spend this time with them.  Without further ado, here is the Tulsa State Fair 2011.

Me and Jason - in from the Navy

The school bus ride is one of my favorite parts of going to the fair.

Cousin Kaycee and Sister-in-law Lindsey

Win something Travis!

My brother Adam

This kid next to us was awesome! He just kept winning stuff.

I'm not sure why I'm giving him this look.

The man I totally love!

Gotta have your Converse

This must have been a serious game

Last chance to win something

And he got it!! We were all cheering and celebrating like he was at the NBA Finals

Fair Gang

Camel ride

Petting Zoo time 

What creeps me out about this picture is not only the fact that I thought this thing was going to peck me but also the fact I know that I'm probably in that guys picture in the background.

Aaaaannnddd we all took our shot at posing for this.....

(even the banana)

Saved the best for last.....

On a side note - I won cleanest desk at work this past week for Customer Service Week.  I was really hoping to get Funniest Co-Worker.  Better luck next year.....