All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Monday, June 2, 2014

Oh Weekend, Where did you go?

Well rats!  Things really didn't go my way this weekend so I'm half way glad it's Monday.  My weekend started off Friday knowing that it wasn't really my last day of work.  I had to work Saturday to finish up end of the month business so I never got the chance to have the Happy Friday's on Friday.  Then on my lunch break Friday I tuned into one of my favorite blogs only to find out it was her LAST POST.  Wait, what?!?!?!? I backed up and read her words again.  The Farewell Blog Post.  Seriously, a lump formed in my throat and I had to stop the tears from leaking out.  Now, you might be thinking "really, it's just a blog" but what you don't understand is that I have put in my time forming a friendship with this blogger and have even met up with her when she came here to cheer on a friend at the Tulsa Run.  She's the best!  With every post of hers I read I thought to myself "if she lived here we would be best of friends"  She and I were pregnant at the same time so I tuned into her blog to see what was going on with her and just fell in love with her little family.  Anyways, my heart sank a little after reading she was hanging up her hat and stopping the blog. I texted her immediately and let her know my feelings. #sad #verysad

The reason I got Instagram.  So I could keep up with her when she got to Tulsa.
I miss you already Holly.

THEN I was so tired on Saturday from getting up early to go to work but I managed to stay up and watch the my Thunder LOSE.  Ugh! No, no, no, no, no.  But as the good fan that I am I watched them lose, had my sad moment and got super comfortable in bed to finally relax.  One good thing about their loss is that now there are no late games keeping me up, filling me with anxiety and struggling the next day cause I had trouble getting to sleep.  To be a basketball fan I have found that it really takes up a lot of your time.  You gotta be committed. Thank you for an exciting season Thunder.  I will be seeing you in October.

I am excited for Wednesday night though.  I keep forgetting that we are going to see Bruno Mars.  I think it's going to be a great show.  I'm ready for a little outing with Zach.  He went to St. Louis this past weekend so I didn't get a full weekend of him or Evelyn.  I'm pretty excited that we have no plans this weekend.  Thank goodness! I still have Evelyn birthday stuff to get ready so I need to take the time to do that.  One month and one day and we will be the parents of a two year old.  Unbelievable! She has changed so much in this past year.  I'm always comparing this year pictures to last year pictures.  She is such a blessing to us and I am ready to see what changes will happen this year.  Fingers crossed for potty training!
Silly girl.

We really want to get her involved in some sort of activity this summer.  Even if it's just some sort of class where they teach kids to run in circles. I want her to be around other kids and work on her social skills.  In 2 more years she will be entering into the 4 year old program (gasp!) and I don't want that to her her first time interacting with kids with a teacher.  Any suggestions on what kind of activities I can put her in?  I would love some ideas.

Wishing everyone a happy week!


ps -Breaking Amish is back!  So good!