All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter already? Man, I feel like this year is already zooming by.  Weren't we just experiencing all the holiday hype?  Seems to me that every Easter the weather isn't quite Easterly. It's either too cold or rainy I feel.  This year it was rainy and cold and not the weather for fancy spring time dresses.  

We made our annual visit to see the Easter bunny which was going well up until it was Evelyn's turn to see him.  She began to panic and kept saying "I don't want to see him, I don't want to see him."  Well, we didn't stand in line for nothing so like last year momma took a seat next to the bunny and hoped for the best.

The smile is definitely forced.....I told her if she smiled daddy was going to give her a surprise.  Don't worry, I'm not a momma who doesn't follow through, we went and saw the fish.  Not exactly the best surprise around but Evelyn seemed to go with it.

Easter morning we went to Claremore to see my mom for breakfast and hung out for a little bit.  After that we made our way back home, picked up Zach and then headed to his mom's house.  It was too wet and too cold to hunt easter eggs outside so we made the best of it and hunted eggs in the living room.  I wasn't the best hider, okay, I really didn't hide them at all.  I threw them on the couch and handed her a basket.  She was okay with it.

A little car nap between visits.

Another delivery from the Easter bunny?

Yum! Give me candy!!

A sweet apron and napkins made by our friend Debbie for when they have their tea parties.
Just so precious.

She found 'em!!

Anyone remember the plays Toy Maker and Son, Toy Maker's Dream or the Masterpiece?  I can remember as a kid making the journey to Tulsa every Easter to see these plays.  It was my favorite! I wanted to be one of the dancers so bad.  I used to fill paper grocery bags with toys, clothes, whatever I could find to put some weight in them and then flipped them around and throw them in the air as if they were people.  I danced in the back yard with those bags for hours it seems.  Wonder if my parents ever noticed and thought that was a little odd? Great imagination I say :)

I shared that experience with Evelyn this past weekend by watching the Masterpiece on DVD and she loved it.  It was a sweet little moment for me and I love introducing her to stories about Jesus.

Hoping to relax a little this weekend but as usual that probably won't happen :) Got early morning plans with a friend and Evelyn's friends then it's my nieces first school formal.  She's kind enough to let her mom and I tag along for dinner.....probably at a different table ;)  

Gearing up for next week because this lady right here is going to be thirty.....wait for it.....four years old.  I'll be officially in my mid 30's.  When did that happen? I'm okay with it though.  Age is just a number and I'm blessed to have another year to celebrate.  Bring it on 34, bring it on!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine if you see it.