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All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stars: They're Just Like Us

I'm linking up today with my blog buddy Holly. (Who, BTW, is one of my favorite blogs to follow.  Crazy funny lady.  Please check her out. You won't be sorry.)  We're talking celebrities today.  Have you ever seen or met a celebrity?  Are you just a little obsessed with US Weekly?  Do you wish you were one of the rich and famous?  Yes, yes and yes.

I feel like the celebrities in the pictures below should be posting these pics to their Facebooks letting the world know they've had their pictures taken with me. Right? Well, that's the way I like to view it.  The purpose of the link-up today is to share your celebrity sightings?  I couldn't decide on just one so I'm throwing them all at you today.  With pictures for proof. (Except for one.)

Yes, some of these pictures were taken because I absolutely followed them to their location and made these moments happen.  Were they all pleased with me?  No.  But guess what?  You wanna be famous and be in my sights you better get ready for the approach.
-Jordan Knight-

This was taken in the lobby of his hotel after his concert about 8 years ago.
Did we drive like nuts down a one way street downtown to follow the black car with tinted windows that we weren't even really sure that belong to him to get this pic?
Did he say one word to me while I professed my life long love for the New Kids on the Block?
Was it one of the BEST moments of my life?
Oh yeah!

-Isaac Hanson-

This was taken in the parking lot of my work place.
One thing I can tell you about Isaac Hanson.....he was not MY biggest fan.  It was obvious he was busy.  On and off his phone before he ever entered the building.  I spotted him out the window and immediately ran to the lobby to cut him off before he went anywhere.  I waited.....and waited.....and waited.  When he finally came inside I sat in the chairs outside the elevators and stairs.  I knew he was going upstairs and that was the only way to get there.  HeWAS going to see me.  
I had made my decision, if he was going up the elevator I was jumping in with him.  If he took the steps.....I guess I was just going to let him go.  Which option did he take?  The steps.  I froze and then blurted out "Hey!"  He turned around, still on the phone, and gave me a half way dirty look.  I could tell he wasn't up for a chat and I didn't know my next line so I idiotically asked, "Are you Isaac Hanson?"  MORON!!!!
He pointed to his phone (as if to tell me he was on an important call and did not want to be interrupted) and nodded his head.  That was it.  The end of our relationship.....or was it?


I was immediately ticked that he didn't even give a little wave.  Jerk.
Well guess what?  He had to leave the building at some point so he was going to see my pretty face again.  I was going to respect his privacy if he was still on the phone when he left.  I didn't want to be too ridiculous.  I watched out the front window for maybe 45 minutes and all of a sudden there he was. Walking to his car.  I made my way out the side door to cut him off yet another time.  I busted out the door and yelled "Isaac!"  He turned.  He saw my face.  He frowned.  I still approached him with a pen and Hanson poster in hand.  I asked if he would sign my poster and he acted so put out that he had to open his door and put his man bag down to free up his hands.  At this point I was so over him.  I just wanted my poster back so I could get back to work.  As soon as I turned around most of my co-workers were standing in the doorway and one was in my face with a camera.  She basically told him he was going to take a picture with me and that's exactly what he did.

We never saw each other again.

For all you PBR fans here is the beautiful Robson 
Palermo himself.  Doesn't speak much English so I may or may not have shown him pictures of my dog.

-Katherine McPhee-

Met her at the Tulsa State Fair.  Thank you Denver for helping me meet her even though the meet and greet session was already over.

-Brian Littrell-

Met him after we saw him by the tour busses before the NKOTBSB concert.  We stopped in the middle of street, car running and ran to the gate yelling his name.  He was trying to ignore us because he was driving remote control cars with his kid.  We won!

-Amy Grant-

This was such a surreal moment.  I grew up on her music and she has been such an inspiration when it comes to my own music.  She had a show in Broken Arrow a couple of years ago and I had the hook up to get backstage.  It was a very special moment for my brother and sister and I.

Okay, so, I've also met Steve Guttenberg but I cannot cannot cannot find that picture.  My sister and I met him in Las Vegas several years ago and he was absolutely so nice.  Once I find the picture you will be the first to know.

OH, and while I was going through some old stuff last week I found this little number.....

Been spotting celebrities my whole life I guess.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. You know how to get it done girl!

  2. I am soooo happy that I got to see the Isaac picture from the story you told me!!! HAHAHAHA

  3. These are great!
    I'm still laughing at your Isaac story... relationship over or not you got his pic lol

  4. Oh my goodness, you have met so many celebrities! So cool!


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