All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day With The Rowell's

This was Evy's first visit to Hobby Lobby.
As you can see, it was amazing.

Here is the most patient dog in the world.
I can't say enough how wonderful Phoebe has been with Evy.
She is the best dog EVER!

Evy's cousins Connor and Aubrey

The kids!

Momma and baby :)

She loves her funny eggs on her Mamaroo.
Have I mentioned how amazing the Mamaroo is?
I recommend this BIG TIME!

Her own little laundry basket.
I love it!

.....and I love her and she likes to let people know

She is getting more tolerant of her tummy time.

I could stare at this face forever.

Evy and daddy time.
She loves sleeping next to her daddy.

I can't believe I have an almost 2 month old.  I can tell that she wants to start making new noises any minute.  She really studies my face and mouth when I sing and talk to her.  It won't be long and I just know I'm going to hear those magical words "momma and dada."  

She's such a blessing to our family and we have been blessed beyond measure with how healthy and amazing she is.  God is so good!!

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