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All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bird Is The Word

I'm linking up today with Amanda via Holly for What's in a Name?  

Wonder where we got the name Evelyn from?  A lot of people do.  Most think it's a family name but it's not.  Came straight from a baby name app.

A year or so before I was pregnant, Zach and I had a discussion about what we would name our children when the time came.  I really really really liked the name Lydia for our unborn girl but it was immediately vetoed.  Okay, what about a boy name?  Wesley.  LOVE the name Wesley.  Again, vetoed.  When we found out we were pregnant I found a baby name app and began searching.  We wanted to have a boy and girl name decided on as soon as we found out the gender so we could put an official name to this baby growing in my belly. We both agreed that we wanted an older name so I started looking up popular names from the 1900's and worked my way up.  There were a few names that we both really liked but we both kept coming back to Evelyn.  It was pretty and I personally like that it had a V in it.  We already knew that her middle name was going to be Revay, after Zach's grandma.  Evelyn Revay.  It just goes together. 
 I like the V's.

(Yes, we also had a boy's name picked out but there is no sense in boring you with that story since we obviously had a girl.  For those wondering, it was going to be Mitchell Jansen.)

When we would tell people what her name was going to be we were always asked "What are you going to call her for short?"  Our answer was always Evy. (Rhymes with heavy.) SIDE NOTE --if anyone ever calls her Heavy Evy I'm afraid I might have to fight them.--Do we call her Evy?  Sometimes.  Mostly to people that don't know her. To us, she's Birdie.  Our bird.  We had no plans before she was born to call her Birdie.  We planned on calling her Evy.  Why do we call her that you ask?  Because when she would eat when she was first born she looked like a little bird with her mouth open.  And that's why she's a bird.  It's catching on.  Friends and family now call her Birdie.  

Precious story - Zach's grandma, who Evelyn is named after, passed away when he was younger and he was very close to her.  Not long after Evelyn was born a relative of Zach's sent us a gift in the mail for her.  Keep in mind this lady had NO IDEA that we called her Birdie.  Wanna know what she sent us?


with a note that read.....
Dear Evie,
Your great grandmother Revay made this plaque for me many years ago and it has been on my piano ever since.  I just thought you might enjoy having it and it gives me great pleasure when I think that precious Revay's great granddaughter can enjoy it too.

As soon as I read it I began to cry.  How cool that it's a painting of a little bird.  It couldn't be more perfect and it's proudly displayed in her room.

Well, that's pretty much her name story.  This little bird just turned 7 months and is working on tooth number 2!  Oh, AND we are crafting our skills with a sippy cup.  She's big time :)



  1. Awwwwh, I hadn't ever heard that story about the little bird painting. How special?! Love it :)

  2. Evelyn is a gorgeous name! I've never thought of writing down the story of how my boys got their names. BTW, Miss E is so cute. Her smile makes me smile. I'm sure you're a proud mama.


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