All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Saturday, February 23, 2013

WANTED: A Stylist

It's official.....I need a makeover big time!  I iron up my outfits on Sunday thinking they are super cute and then the minute I look at myself in the mirror at work I think "My gosh, what am I wearing?"  
I have absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever.  This momma needs some help!!!!

A lot of the reason why I'm having such a fashion slump is because I've got some extra pounds that need to slide off.  I restart my calorie counter every Monday and it's getting ridiculous.  I don't want to go shopping for new clothes until I feel really good with my weight.  It's a constant battle that only I can change and I've just got to regain some focus.  And as far as the earlier statement of being in a fashion slump, who am I kidding, I've NEVER had any fashion sense.  I think I'm too scared to be stylish.  

I've got to make a turn around though cause I can't be that mom who thinks she's cute and really looks like she has given up.  I promise you this though.....I WILL NOT wear mom jeans.  If you spot me in them please slice a hole in them immediately.  

So, if you know me you know that I'm a big Hilary Duff fan.  Love her! She is so cute and I really dig her style.  So, basically when I go on my little shopping spree I want her style.  Or Lauren Conrad.  She has super cute style.

If you like cute little movies with happy endings then I highly recommend Beauty and the Briefcase.  Hilary has great office style in this movie and I pretty much want everything that she wears.  Oh, and the body to pull it off.

So here is the plan for the next 4 months.
A) lose 15 pounds
B) get style

Gotta look and feel comfortable for Evelyn's one year photo session.

2013 Hot Momma on her way.


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