All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Friday, December 20, 2013

Kathryn Zaremba

Happy Friday to you and yours!!! I'm off work until the 26th and I'm loving it!!  My little vacay has started off very very cool.  Remember Michelle's friend Lisa from the 8th season of Full House?  You know, the redheaded one that was a part of The Mighty Mutant Super Kids club?  Well, I got to meet her today.  She is in town for a show at the Broken Arrow PAC tomorrow night and I kind of know someone who can get me backstage ;) so during lunch time today I strolled up there to get a glimpse of her rehearsing.  I know she isn't some mega superstar and she may not be known by people who aren't Full House fans but it's kind of a big deal to me to meet her.  So just go with it.

There she was, singing her little heart out on stage and having that same sweet face that she had on Full House.  I probably wouldn't recognize her in public but knowing it was her, I felt like I may have been on the set of Full House.  

She stopped to take a break and that's when we moved in for the introduction.  I brought my season 8 Full House  DVD's with me and she was so sweet to sign it for me and take a picture.  We had a short little conversation where she filled me in on some pieces of her life.

-She lives in Washington, DC
-Her husband is from London.  He was there as well playing the piano for her.
-She used to hang out with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and the other boys of Home Improvement while hanging out on the Disney lot.
-She has her own Etsy shop.
-She does not keep in contact with anyone from Full House.

She was the absolute nicest and I feel like we should probably be friends in real life.  It's just always so exciting to me to meet someone you have only seen through the TV.  It's like I don't believe they are real until I see them.  I felt the same way the first time I saw Las Vegas and NewYork City.  They really do exist.  

I encourage everyone to go check out her Etsy shop and website and show her some love from Oklahoma.....or wherever you are from.  

We look like best friends, right?

Remember this face from Full House?

This is her Etsy shop.

And this is her wrapping paper.
How cute it this??

And I am flipping over the sweaters one!

Check out her website ( and don't forget to follow her on Instagram (kathrynzaremba) and Twitter (@kathrnzaremba).

And don't forget about this redhead either.....

I'm gonna enjoy my 6 days off with her!!!


P.S.  While looking for pictures of Kathryn I stumbled across a website called  I've just glimpsed at one episode but I'm on my way back to read more.  If you are a Full House fan I think you might want to check it out.  Warning: There is cussing, so you've been warned.

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