All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This week in History

It's a Saturday night and I'm just sitting at home so I would like to give you a little glimpse of my week.  Nothing too interesting happened. We had our first snow of the year.  It wasn't anything to get the sleds out for but it left a pretty little frost on the grass.  My husband has been enjoying the Chili Bowl all week. It's a racing thing that comes here every January.  Definitely not something I want to attend.  I'll let him have his fun because come July, I will be having my own fun when the New Kids come to town.  SMILES!!!  My brother turned 31 this week which means just a few more months for me to be in my 20's. Watch out 30 cause here I come!!  Speaking of The New Kids on the Block, I (or should I say my sweet husband) purchased my ticket for the big summer show.  I cannot wait! We got floor seats right at the end of the catwalk in the 4th row.  Close enough that if you wanted to throw some piece of garment at them, they would get it.  Don't worry, all clothing articles that enter the building with me will be leaving the building with me. (Did you hear that husband?  Just so you know.)  The week is ending with a quiet evening at home watching the Goonies with my ma'am.  Last night was kind of a late night for me so I'm enjoying the coziness of a sweatshirt and my flannel jammies.  I'm looking forward to this week even though I have to work Saturday. Boooooo! My friend Sarah is having a little girls night at her house on Friday and I'm excited to meet some new people.  Hope your week is everything you want it to be!!

God bless,


My mammie enjoying the snow.

"It's cold mamma."

My brother Adam on his b-day and sister Lindsey

My sister Amber and cousin Kaycee

My friend's Lindsi and Jerrah
You may recognize Lindsi if you follow her at The Hancocks -Keeping the Home Fire Burning.  If you're not following her, well you should be! Cute blog!

Us with people we don't know.

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