All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

$60 iPod

A few years ago, before Zach and I were married, I bought myself an ipod so I could be up with the times and not have to take my whole CD collection with me to work.  I loved my ipod! I felt so smart loading the CD into the computer, moving it to my ipod and and seeing all my songs show up on my playlist. I must of spent hours at my brothers computer loading and unloading, loading and unloading.  I throughly enjoyed it. If there was a song I just wasn't totally in love with, guess what, I didn't have to have it on there.

My ipod and I spent a lot of time together.  In the car, at work, working out.  We were best friends! 

I even had an audio book loaded on there.  Twilight.  Just to let you know, I never finished that book.  First, it wasn't all the interesting and thats probably why I have no interest in the movies and Second, my poor little ipod lost its hearing :(

Every other part of my little baby that was white with a pink cover worked.  But the sound was out! What the heck good is it to me now?  So for the past 2 years it has basically been a paper weight by the computer.  Every now and then I would give it a visit hoping for just a little peep through the headphones.  Nothing! 

I finally decided to call Apple and explain my problem.  Well, my first problem is that I couldn't get ahold of the Apple store for nothing.  They don't answer.  In fact, I don't even know if they have a business phone.  I ended up talking to someone in a different state and they told me I had to make an appointment with the Genius bar if I wanted to be seen.  

I made my appointment and the Apple guy looked my ipod over and said the only thing he could do was try to reset it but I would lose EVERYTHING I had on it.  Huh?  You mean my over 2,000 song library would be gone?  All that hard work I did would vanish?  He was telling me that New Kids, Hanson, the Spice Girls and Joey Lawrence were leaving me.

I said, "Okay, so if I do that and the sound still doesn't work, then what?"

He said, "We will say it's a battery problem and replace it for 60 bucks."


As much as it pains me that I have to go through the whole "loading, unloading" thing, I'm glad to have my friend back.

Lesson for today: If you say it's a "battery problem" you just might get hooked up with  a deal.

Happy Shuffling,


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  1. Glad you got a nice deal and have your friend back! I have an Ipod somewhere..I put songs on there many years ago but never really used it much. I wonder what songs are even on there anymore!!


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