All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Little Things

Only two more days of work left! Thank goodness.  I wanted to leave pretty much every hour on the hour today but I made it through and even made it to the gym afterwards.  Had a little bit of the sniffle sneezes this morning but it went away after lunch.  

I have to give a HUGE shout out to my husband.  I came home on Monday after work and noticed when I pulled into the garage the Rock Band drums were in there.  I had asked him a couple of days before to put it in the attic. (we I am on a cleaning, throwing junk away spree)  When I saw it I thought "Awesome! One less thing in the house."

I walked into the house and right away noticed track marks from the vacuum.

"Did you vacuum today?"  I asked.

"Yes." He replied with the biggest smile on his face.  

I continued on into the "office" and noticed there were tracks there too.  The computer desk was compeltey cleaned and dusted.  Everything was straightened up.  When I turned around he was right on my shoulder with the same big smile.

"I even did the laundry and put it away and did the dishes and put them away and wiped all the counters down."

Now, I know I should have just said thank you and hugged him and accepted the amazing kind gesture and help.  Instead my first response was, "What do you want?"

Maybe he is just getting a little head start for when the baby comes.  And please know that I appreciate it so much that he did the cleaning and he really didn't want anything in return.  He was just being good to me.  I do love that man! :)

By the way, I got myself a pregnancy pillow this weekend and I have already found both Zach and Phoebe all wrapped up in it.  I sure hope I don't have to purchase another one :)

Also this weekend my niece and nephew spent the night and we took a little trip to the neighborhood park and took those converse shoe pictures I've been wanting to take.  Here are a few that I have messed with so far.

Yes, I do realize bird poop is on the back of the bench so I'm going to need to get expert help from my brother to take that out.

Congrats to a friend who had her baby girl today!



  1. That would have been my first question too!? Especially with the giant grin on his face ;)

    Love the sweet Converse pictures! What a fantastic idea!

  2. HAHA so cute, I love Phoebe in the pregnancy pillow, our pup would do the EXACT same thing. And those converse pics are so stinking cute!!! I love the one on the bench too, minus the bird poop! LOL!


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