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All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh yeah, I'm pregnant

Can we just do a short little baby update real fast?  I can't believe I am already 4 months along.  So crazy! Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant because I don't feel like it's obvious.  My clothes still fit and I'm showing a little but it pretty much looks like I got carried away during the holidays and packed on the pounds.  I'm ready for the beautiful pregnancy belly that I see in the mall and in the magazines.

I've had a pretty good last 2 weeks.  From about week 6 to about week 12 I was nauseated all day long.  Never threw up (thank you Lord!) but the nausea was enough to make me think that this may be a one kid family.  After the nausea let up I started getting really bad headaches and when you are only allowed to take Tylenol you don't get a lot of relief.  I might as well take tic tacs.  They just don't ease the pain.  Especially for a girl who gets some fierce headaches.

I've finally brought myself back to the gym and it feels good. (When I'm able to go.) Sometimes when I get off work I just want to come home and get in my jammies.  I keep getting told and I keep reading that the 2nd trimester is the best and you feel like yourself again and maybe even a little better.  I'm waiting for that to fully kick in.  

I've already gotten a couple of baby gifts which is so exciting!  We went to an appointment last Monday and listened to the heartbeat.  The nurse kept moving the wand back and forth and I could hear a real faint heartbeat and then she would move it and I could here a real heavy heartbeat.  I asked her "That's just one heart, right?"  She laughed and said "I really can't tell you (chuckle chuckle) I'm sure it's just the baby moving around."  Then that was it.  She left the room leaving me and Zach looking at each other with our mouths open.  If God wants to give me twins then I will take them, but come on, I'm just planning on one baby here :)  Anyhow, we left with the good news that everything sounded great and we would find out the gender on February 13th!!  That is going to be an awesome day!!! Can't wait!

I don't really see the changes in the mirror but I definitely can in pictures.

My cousin Kaycee got me this adorable baby book from Vera Bradley.
Not a fan of the purses but this is way cute!

A friend of mine at work got me these little house shoes.
They have slip resistant bottoms and little tails on the back.
It makes me laugh :)

I saw an add for Babies R Us that said you get a gift bag when you register.
I know we aren't near the time to be doing all that but I just had to have this bag and whatever was in it.
I told Zach "I'm going.  I'm going today.  I want whats in that bag and you are either with me or against me!"

He went with me :)

I only registered for 4 things and the lady looked at me funny like she knew what I was up to.
I didn't care.  I got my goodie bag! 
There was actually some good stuff inside.  Mostly magazines and a congratulations kit from Pampers.  Guess what was inside?  The tiniest little sweetest diaper I've ever seen.  I brought it home for Phoebe to smell so she can get used to it.  She sniffed it a couple of times and then licked it.  That's a good sign, right?


We bought the baby their first pair of Converse.  They are so little and precious.  I really bought them for a photo I want to take (thank you Pinterst) and it's also special because it's the first baby thing we have bought.


Did a little photo shoot this weekend for my new album I'm working on.  The pictures are still being worked on and we are deciding on an album cover.  I will keep you posted and maybe get you to help me choose one.

Happy 4 months!!!



  1. loved it!!! twins? Mercy! rallie

  2. April... You are still so small!! Soak up that lazy time; it's the best part. You look great. :)

  3. Wow 4 look tiny! Love that you got presents already!

  4. I can't wait to see you with a preggo belly! You are truly already glowing..and OMG I LOVE those stinking cute are those?!

  5. Ekk! i just peed a little when i saw on your pics! i am obessed with your pregnancy like i would be with a holly wood star. I can wait to find out what sex you are having!! i think i ask mike everyday if you two have found out yet. im just a little excited for you... to say the least.

    Maria Casillas


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