All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Giddy Up

This is for all you Oak Ridge Boys lovers out there.  I'll be real honest with you, I only know like 2 of their songs and when I say "know" I mean know some of the chorus.  BUT I never pass up the chance to stalk celebrities.

I got the chance this weekend to go backstage at an Oak Ridge Boys concert and took some pictures that some of you may enjoy.  When I say backstage I mean backstage but I mean backstage 5 hours before they went on so I didn't see any of them but I did walk by their tour bus and take pictures in front of it while they were on it.  AND I did see several of their band members.  
now, if it was New Kids on the Block you BETTER believe I would stay next to that bus ALL. FRIGGIN. DAY.  Buuuut it wasn't.  So I moved on.

For your viewing pleasure.  I give you the Oak Ridge Boys.....tour bus.....the outside.....of the trailer on the back.

So this isn't exactly the tour bus.....but it's connected to it.

Oh wait, who is that on that poster that's backstage?
Oh yeah, it's me.
-side note: that's my husband playing the saxophone.
And my sister's in the middle.

That poster's there for life people.

Evelyn backstage

Birdie and me in front of the bus.

There you have it. 
This is what I do on a Saturday when I have nothing else to do. 


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