All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sesame Street Live

One of those things that "I can't wait for" happened this weekend with our precious little girl.  We got to take her to a show.  Sesame Street Live.  I think daddy and I were more excited about taking her than her going.  She honestly had no idea what was going on every time we talked about it but it was fun to get excited and hype it up.  Now that she is getting older and "getting into" things it's going to be so much fun to watch her excitement about it.

We started the show off a little rough due to trying to keep her between us in the seats waiting for the show to start.  She wanted to take off and explore and when she wasn't allowed to we had "that kid".  You know, the kid screaming and falling to the ground.  Yeah, that was our precious sweet girl :)

Once the show started she was a brand new kid.  Keeping her eye on Elmo and very  much interested in the smoke in the air.  One of the characters came out into the crowd and messed with her hair and she thought that was pretty cool.  Her smile was of pure happiness and I wanted to freeze that moment for just a little bit.

We also took the time for a little photo shoot this weekend.  The weather was warmer on Saturday and cousin Kaycee got Evelyn a new dress that we just had to wear.  The weather was such a tease because today it was cooooollldd outside. Come on Oklahoma, make up your mind!!

A few of Evelyn's cousins she has never met came into town last night so she got to meet them today and do some playing.  She's not around kids a lot so I love it when she gets the chance to be.  She jumped right in and got to playing and was running around the house just screaming and having the best time.  We are all headed to the aquarium tomorrow so those fish better be ready for a troop of crazy little girls!!

And this just happened. I love it when Phoebe sits like a human.

This dog.

Happy Monday!!


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  1. Mya went on a field trip with daycare to sesame street live! I was so jealous I couldn't go because of work! hahaha So much fun!


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