All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fourth of July: The Party

Now that I have made you all hungry from the last post let's get to part 2 of the fourth.  The PaRtY!

It really wasn't supposed to be "party".  I thought it was just going to be a little get together so the boys could practice their smoking skills but that's not how it turned out.  The guest list just kept getting bigger and bigger.  Of course that meant I had to get this house together and obviously throw some decorations up somewhere.  A little festive stuff hanging from the ceiling or some balloons tied to something always makes me feel happy and adds some fun to the event.

The "party" ended up being kind of a small family reunion for me.  Two of my cousins were in town with their kids from Kansas visiting their dad so they all came out.  My cousin Jared brought his son and girlfriend over and of course Kaycee had already planned to be there- Smoking Hot Denver belongs to her ;)

Evelyn took real quick to her cousins and pretty much played with them until they left.  It was nice to have everyone together for a little bit just enjoying each others company and I think they were all happy that they made it out.  

It turned out to be a good night and everyone was gone and we were in bed before 11:00.  (Win!) Now that's my kind of party.  Evelyn even got to sleep with us because she was not liking the fireworks.  At. All.  And in this neighborhood they go off until the late late hours of the night.

Red White and Blue

1-Gladys Jade and I having some hangout time.
2-My niece Aubrey taking some selfless with my phone.
3-Cousin Mia and Evelyn hanging out.
4-Evelyn's worried face while fireworks are going off.

These kids were so sweaty and red-faced.  It's funny how kids just have the best time running around.

The Cousins
Chandra, Kaycee, Brittany, Amber, Me, Adam and Jared in the back.
Amber and Adam are my siblings.
We are missing Aaron who was in Texas.  (Next time Aaron, next time.)
I don't want to leave out that we also have a cousin Zach but he passed away when he was just days old.  I always wonder what role he would have played in this bunch.  Cause we are a special one :)

Kids of the Cousins
Again, we are missing Abigail and Christian because Aaron lives in Texas.  It's hard to get us all together so these pictures are pretty special.

I know I jumped ahead with talking about the 4th when Evelyn turned TWO on the 3rd but those posts are on their way.  Promise.  

Happy midweek tomorrow! :)


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