All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

25 Things You Don't Know About Me.....or, you might :)

1. I love to buy books but I rarely read them.
2. New York City is the best place I have ever been.
3. I love vintage pinup girls.
4. I love collecting recipes but I never make them.
5. The best gift I've ever received is the gift of salvation.
6. Lipgloss is my preferred lip coverage.
7. I love slow motion walking in movies.
8. Muppet Babies and Healthcliff are my two favorite childhood cartoons.
9. I subscribe to the following magazines: Good Housekeeping, Self, Glamour and Better Homes and Gardens.
10. Chocolate licorice is my favorite!!
11. For a brief time I considered acting.
12. I appreciate a good hair straightener.
13. Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Jennifer Lopez are the prettiest people in Hollywood.
14. Gray hair is starting to show up in my roots. I prefer to call it silver.
15. I have never ridden a horse.
16. Every time I watch Erin Brockovich I feel empowered.
17. When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher.
18. I wrote my first song when I was five.
19. I've had my picture taken with Jordan Knight.
20. Christmas is my favorite time of year.
21. My high school mascot was a Zebra.
22. I have sold 2 of my cd's on the internet.
23. I have an obsession with miniature and oversized objects. (I've had my eye on a pencil holder that looks like a large Bic pen cap on, pretty cute website, check it out.)
24. I've been a Sunday school teacher.
25. The years I lived in Missouri are extremely important to me.

Be on the look out for Zach's 25 things.....


  1. #9. You need to add, Combat Handguns!

    I picked anonymous because I don't know what the other choices are, Dad.

  2. I hadn't realized you've never ridden a horse. i wish I still had mine. You could ridden on Goldie or Stormy. They were gentile souls.
    I LOVE Need to get Mr. S. a pair of house-shoes with
    Everything is presented with such eloquence, smooth as silk , and with much panache'. Well done. I learned a lot.

  3. #5, #12 & #20 would be included in my line-up. I think you are perfect just the way you are. Aunt Lou.


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