All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Monday, August 8, 2011

Excuse much, rude or anything?

I like to pride myself on being a nice person. A really nice person. I think if people were told to say one word describing me it would be "nice". Well, not today. Today I took a step down and become "rude".

Before I begin my story just let me say that it was out of my control. I tried to get ahold of myself, I really did. But when I get tickled about something there is no controlling the laughter that comes out of me. No control!

I'm sure my aunts and uncles thought all of us kids were a-holes growing up because we ALWAYS laughed during Thanksgiving prayer. There was no way around it. Before the heads were bowed my siblings and cousins and I might take one last look at each other knowing what was about to happen and wondering who would be the first to crack. Once one of us started giggling, it was down hill from there. Let me just add that it didn't stop as we got older. It still happens and yep, it happened today.

I can't give too much detail about the story cause I don't want to embarrass anyone but here it goes.....

I was asked to sit in on a meeting today. A meeting where someone (lets call them Snoopy) was getting in trouble for something. I hate these sort of meetings but with my position at work, that's just part of the job. Believe me, I find NO pleasure in it whatsoever. Even though I'm not the one dishing out the punishment, I'm still guilty cause I'm there.

So there I am sitting next to Snoopy doing my very best to focus on the floor and not find anything funny. Nothing was even funny about the situation. Nothing. I should be serious, professional and respectful. Instead I was rude, disrespectful and childish. But I just couldn't help it.

A good 4-5 minutes goes by and I finally decide to look at Snoopy. Big mistake. My eyes immediately focused on a piece of orange food on their chest. My stomach got hot and my throat began to close. Don't laugh. Don't laugh. Be professional. I focused on the carpet and bit the inside of my mouth. I know the other person in the room had to have seen the food and that's what really got me tickled. How are they not busting out laughing? Lord knows I was doing everything I could to keep it together. All was well until Snoopy noticed this piece of food...yanked it off their shirt...and ate it.  The other person in the room said, "did you just eat that?"  The silence was broken. I lost it...big time! I tucked my head down as far as I could and tried to stop laughing but the seal was broken. I immediately got up and excused myself, lauhing the whole way out.

I'm such a jerk!

I walked to my desk and did some deep breathing. Get it together. How rude are you? You probably hurt their feelings. It took me about 45 seconds to calm down. I proceeded back to the office and as I was getting ready to walk in, Snoopy walked out. No exchange of words. I walked in to the office and closed the door and tried to apologize for being unprofessional but before I could get out "I'm sorry" I collapsed into the chair and began my uncontrollable laughter. Tears rolling out of my eyes. I finally apologized and made my way to apoligize to Snoopy. But guess what? After tapping Snoopy on the shoulder to say my "I'm sorry's" I lost it again. What kind of creep am I? Straight up laughing in their face. I told them I was sorry, it was very rude of me but it just caught me off guard when they ate it and it tickled me. You know what Snoopy said? "It was a carrot. Apology accepted." Then they turned around.  I immediately took my seat and began my countdown until I could leave.


  1. Ohhh April - this post made me laugh A LOT!!!

    A) I'm in those awkward meetings all the time, so I feel your pain there.
    B) I cannot control my laughter in those situations and would have lost it in your situation too.

    I was sitting next to someone who sneeze-farted once in a biiig group meeting and I nearly chewed my pen in two trying to not laugh. I figures pen chewing would be more professional than laughing uncontrollably. :)

  2. HAHAHA this post made me laugh!! Especially when the person ate the orange food and the other person asked them if they just ate it!?!?! OMG hilarious!!!!!


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