All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Autumn Eve

Who is so excited to kick off this fall season? Definitely me!!!  My monthly magazine subscriptions have been rolling in and they all have pumpkins and warm dishes and orange and red all over the covers.  It brings such a joy to my heart and gives me a whole bunch of energy.

I guess you could say I ended the summer season on a good note.....I had my last dentist appointment today until my cleaning in six months :)  It was a bitter sweet feeling.  So, as I write this I am waiting for the numbness to wear off so I can eat.  I keep tapping on my chin, but I feel nothing.  I'm so hungry and it doesn't help that I have been looking through my magazines full of yummy recipes that I really want to try out.  Must. Stop. Thinking.Of.Food.

Speaking of food, this week was my first week on my new diet plan and so far I feel I have done really good.  No days that I just feel totally guilty about.  Here's how much will power I have - the husband just ordered Pizza Hut and I didn't request anything - I'm gonna stick to my soup and crackers as planned and feel very proud of myself when I lay my sleepy little head down tonight.

I've been checking out some websites and finding some recipes and ideas that I think will really help me on my journey to eat healthy and make it a life style.  Here are some that I'm going to be trying out, maybe even this weekend.  I found these recipes on  She's got a lot of good stuff.

  I have a feeling that it's gonna be a good one.

My friend tried out this recipe this week and it was sooooo moist. It was delicious.  For sure going to make my own and try out the different cakes.  She used a devils food cake mix and diet Dr. Pepper and added a little bit of Redi Whip for some frosting.

As I come across more I will be sure to post them and if anyone has any good websites to go to please let me know.

Happy Fall.


  1. Banana split pie?! I need a slice now! Keep up your temptation control! :)

  2. I love the fall scents..can't wait to get some of those pumpkin and apple spice candles burning in my house!! YUM!


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