All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby update

Sixty eight days. 68 days.

That's the countdown until my due date.

I cannot believe it is creeping up that fast.  We went to a birthing class this past weekend and learned a little bit of helpful information.  I learned that when you don't get an epidural you scream and moan and go through a lot of pain.  At least the girl in the video did.  I've been a little scared of the epidural needle but they showed it to us and it wasn't as intimidating as I thought it might be.  Bring it! I can take it.

Our past couple of appointments the doctor has talked to us about Evelyn measuring a little over a week ahead and said it's possible that she may be a big baby.  Ouch! What exactly does that mean?  Big head and shoulders being pushed out my business? Earlier due date? C-section?  It makes me a little nervous but as long as she is okay and healthy that is all that matters.  I'll do whatever is best for her.

As nervous as I'm getting I'm also getting really excited.  Lots of fun stuff coming up before she gets here and even more fun afterwards. My first baby shower is happening on the 25th at work and my friends and family shower is happening June 9th.  Very excited for the both of them! But before these fun things take place we are doing our maternity pictures this Saturday and then going to Branson for our "baby moon"on the 18th for the weekend.  It will be nice to get out of town and just hang out with the husband and do some shopping and have this free time together before Evelyn gets here.  Cause once she gets here it's gonna be a whole new scene in the house.  And I'm ready for it.

Her room is pretty much done besides one wall that  I just don't want to rush to finish it. It will come together when it's time.  I've been going over our registries several several several times to make sure we have added everything on there that we will for sure need. (And some extras that are too cute not to add.)

I was surprised with this little number this weekend from my husband.
LOVE it! I've had this on my Pinterest board for awhile and now it's mine.

My sleep has definitely been interrupted.  Lots of trips to the bathroom and lots of tossing and turning just to get comfortable.  And I'm only going to get bigger and my bladder more squashed.  It's all worth it though.  But I will be ready to get back to normal.  I was asked the other day if I will miss being pregnant and I think a piece of me will.  Feeling her squirm around is a pretty cool feeling but to see her squirm in person is going to be so much better.

I did finish my new album and one of the tracks is one I wrote for Evelyn.  Hoping I can figure out how to put the audio on here so you can give it a listen.   I play it for her every day :)

Time for some Idol!

Enjoy your weekend,


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  1. 68 days!! So excited for you! And what baby does not need a NKOTB onesie!!?? Its perfect!!!!!!


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