All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Monday, November 4, 2013

Evelyn's 1st Official Halloween Costume

This little pumpkin pretty much makes my day! We were so excited to dress Evelyn up this year and be a part of the Halloween festivities.  I just love that hat! :)

Not sure yet how to carry the bucket.  But if this is the way she wants to carry it then that's what we will go with.

Daddy and his pumpkin.

Momma and her girl!

This is an action shot.  She was dancing away to some Mickey Mouse music.
This girl will dance to anything.  Really.  The washing machine, dishwasher, toilet flushing, daddy cooking eggs.....It's the best!

Our first stop for candy.....Papa and Gigi's!

That face!!!!

Another action shot.  She did so good going up to the houses.  Don't worry, we only went to like  four. We weren't going to be those parents that fill the whole bucket knowing that she really isn't going to eat any of it.  But I wish she would've at least grabbed some chocolate and not the suckers!  I'll teach her about the good stuff next year ;)

So proud of this little girl.  She impresses me every day with what she learns from us teaching her and what she just picks up on her own.  We are truly truly blessed!

Happy Monday!

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