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All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

It's My Daughter's Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

Happy day to you all, Happy Birthday America and a Happy 4th Birthday to my little best friend.  This past weekend was Evelyn’s 4th birthday!  It wasn’t a big party or anything.  Just a few pizzas and some cake and ice cream with some family.  Nothing like I’ve had in the past where I sent out homemade invitations, rented a room at the community center and made my own decorations and thoughtful homemade goody bags.  I’ve just kept it low key last year and this year.  I figure I can break out the big parties again when she gets in school and starts making friends.  Then momma will break out the big guns (Cricut machine) and do it up big.

For a while there she really wanted a Doc McStuffins party, which I thought was odd because she watches the show but really only when her favorites aren’t on.  Oh well, if that’s what she wanted then that’s what it was gonna be.  Then a couple of weeks later she decided she wanted a My Little Pony party.  Done.  I see those decorations all the time, no big deal.  THEN she made her final decision that she wanted a Barbie party.  Barbie party?  Okay!  And Barbie was high on her list of wants so I figured it would be no big deal tracking down some Barbie décor for the party.  Well, let me tell ya, besides the actual dolls themselves, it is next to impossible to find anything Barbie.  You can forget just running to Wal*Mart and picking up a shirt or pajamas or ANYTHING with Barbie on it.  Disney has a lockdown on all that sorts of stuff.  -Hey Mattel, where do you sell your junk??- So I tried Target and Party City and Toys ‘R’ Us.  Nothing.  I was lucky to find some actual Barbie party decorations at Party City.  The employee there told me they didn’t have any shirts with Barbie on it but I could buy a Halloween costume.  Stop it.  So I bought what decorations they had and made my way out of the store with $70 less in my pocket.  You would think Barbie is like an American staple and would be popping up in every store on every aisle.  No.  Not so much.

I really wanted to find her and I matching Barbie shirts so I got online (a little too late) and looked around.  There was some stuff but really not a lot to choose from especially since now I had waited too long.  Target.comdid have a nice bright pink shirt with the Barbie logo on it……….for a man.  Really???  I gave up and decided just to find us something pink and tell everyone to wear some pink too.  I ended up finding her a sweet little romper and a matching t-shirt for me.  Yay! We were gonna look sooooo cute!  I even tried to find Oliver something pink but had no luck. 

Now fast forward to day of the party.  I woke up with a little dull headache so I took some ibuprofen and went about my day.  Noon time rolls around and this headache is still hanging on.  Time for some more ibuprofen.  I went to Wal*Mart and picked up the cake and bought a few little extras and headed home. As soon as I got home the top of my head just started pounding and it hurt so bad!  I get headaches all the time but this one was rare because I usually don’t have the kind that press on the top of your head and smash in your forehead.  I laid down on the floor on a cornbag which usually helps me but this time it was giving me zero comfort.  I decided maybe I needed to eat something since the last thing I ate was a couple of peanut butter crackers around noon.  I got me a string cheese stick and some grapes, you know, trying to be healthy since pizza and cake were on the menu for that evening :) I took one bite of the grape and just broke down bawling.  It instantly made me sick to my stomach and I was so upset that I wasn’t feeling any better, that I was feeling worse, and I so didn’t want to miss Evelyn’s party.

Zach walked me to the bed and had me lay down and gave me some more medicine.  This was about 5:00ish.  So for the next 2 ½ to 3 hours I laid in bed crying from the pain, crying cause I was missing the party but I could hear it all and moving around like I was possessed because it was the only way to keep me from feeling nauseous.  It was a bad deal.  Zach asked me a couple of times if I wanted to go to the ER and I declined because I was A) trying to tough it out and B) I didn’t want to pay the hospital bill.  I finally caved around 7:30 or 8:00 because the pain was so bad I just couldn’t go on like that the rest of the night.  So my mom took me to the ER while Zach stayed and maintained the guests.  I was glad to get there before the idiots of the world started blowing their fingers off with fireworks.  I told them about my history of headaches/neckaches so they did a CT scan and everything came back normal.  Thankful for that.  And then they gave me an IV with lots of fun stuff in it that as soon as it hit my body I felt like I was floating.  It was nice.  About 40 minutes later I got to go home and had some pretty relaxing sleep.  Definitely the best since having a baby. 

I told Evelyn the next day I was so sorry I had to miss her party and she told me “Well, you didn’t miss the whole thing.  I still have some presents I didn’t open.  Well, I opened them but I didn’t take them out of the box yet.”  Such a thoughtful sweet FOUR year old we have :) My sister said she did take some presents and set them aside saying she was waiting on me to open them.  #precious

Long story short, I missed the party because I was in the ER with a terrible migraine but all is well now.  Evelyn had a great time and that is all that matters.  Thank you to everyone who checked on me, took care of Evelyn and Oliver, took pictures and made Evelyn feel special.

Big Girl Biking It!

My little emoji baby!!

Oh, and by the way, the school supply aisles are up.  And another thing, I get to shop from them this year. Look out Pre-K, here we come!!!



  1. OH NO!!! So sorry you had such a massive migraine that day! :( They are so debilitating. Yay for Pre-K and school supplies! You'll get to write her name on ALL THE NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES! (Anyone else obsessed with school supplies and labeling... ?? :) )

    We need a play date soon I would love to see your new house, and let Evelyn tell the girls what 4 years old is all about!

  2. Yes!! I will talk to Zach and we need to set something up. All I have to do is say "Hasty Bake" and he will be in. Plus there is a splash pad in the neighborhood so the girls can play. #makingplans


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