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All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Monday, April 25, 2011

30th Birthday Has Come and Gone

I feel I better get this on my blog before it's way past it's time and it's not exciting any more.

Let's talk about my 30th birthday!!! It was the best!! The weekend was almost perfect.  The only glitch was the weather.  I had a lovely four day weekend just to spoil myself and celebrate my special day.  

Thursday was a relaxing, stay at home and chill with my puppy day! The weather was nice but the wind would surely blow you away.  It was a little much.
My sweet little precious little puppy.

Friday, my actual birthday, I shopped around all day with my cousin and bought a new shirt for my festivities the next day.  I had originally bought a romper thinking it would be totally cute.  And it was totally cute in the store but when I got it home and tried to put it together with everything it just didn't look right.  I've always been against the romper.  I felt that girls that had the extra booty hip combination shouldn't try this style.  When I was at the store trying it on I was really shocked at how flattering it was.  That was until I got home and realized the store MUST have mirrors that make you look good so that you will buy it.  So now, I'm back to my original belief that the romper is not for my body style.  I don't need my back side looking any rounder than it already does.

These flowers showed up at my house on my birthday from some friends. So sweet of them!

Friday afternoon I had a Cherry Berry date with my niece, nephew, brother and sister.  After that I headed to the movies with some friends to see Scream 4.  I don't watch scary movies but let's be honest, it's Scream 4.  This isn't that kind of movie that sticks with me for days and gives me nightmares.  Everyone gets stabbed and everyone dies.  The End.  I had to see it though since I've seen all the other ones.  It's only fair, right?  Neve Campbell did look beautiful and you know Courtney Cox is always entertaining.  My husband was attending a concert with some friends (I didn't want to go and I wasn't going to let him miss out because it was my birthday.  Can we say Wife of the Year?) so I continued on with some friends and went and hung out at a new bar/restaurant in town.  It was a lot of fun and I was home before midnight.
My amazing niece and nephew!
Sister Sister
Best siblings in the world!!
Jerrah got me this giant pear.  It's so me!!

Now the celebration really begins!

I wanted to have a nice family dinner before we headed out for some dancing so we met up at Mr. Mambo's and then boot scooted to the Caravan!

My cousin Kaycee and my brother Adam

The Rowell's

Donnie D. Raymond and Denver

Doug and Me

My dinner guests

The waiter took my picture.

Two of my favorite people

They gave me a shot of tequila and made me wear the hat.

My sister-in-law Lindsey

Yes, what we are doing means something. :)
You gotta see Grease 2 to get it.

I love him!

Raymond and Lindsey

Such a good surprise when my friend Jennifer showed up.

Thanks to my friend Sarah who dropped off a cake for me. That's a good friend!

I almost forgot!!!!! My CD was released on my birthday!! What an awesome birthday present.  Please go check it out.  Just search April Cutting Room Floor at anyone of these sites or click on the link on my blog.....

The 30's are looking good on me ;)



  1. Looks like you had an awesome day/4 day birthday celebration. The photos show lots of love in your life!! Just beautiful. I love your little puppy too, she is so sweet.

  2. This sounds like a great birthday! And how awesome that you had a 4 day weekend to celebrate!! Happy birthday!


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