All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Monday, April 4, 2011

Double Double Dose

Well, here I am again, not blogging like I should. It was a busy/lazy weekend if those can exist together.

Friday was an unexpected busy busy day at work that took me away from my desk for most of the day so I unwound at Hobby Lobby and ate some dinner with my cousin who came to town.

Saturday I spent most of the morning scrapbooking which I have not had time to do since our cruise. I finally started our cruise book. It was very relaxing. Saturday evening I helped my neighbor/friend ring in his 31st b-day, or what he called his 10 year anniversary of his 21st birthday. Good one! :)

I was pretty lazy Sunday and just did the typical bills, grocery store, family dinner thing and wrapped up my evening with the Academy of Country Music awards.

Now lets get to why you are really here.


Let's see, last week we stopped at 15. Kind of a boring age and I don't think 14 is any better. I made my high school debut at 14. I thought for sure my face was going to be rearranged on Valentine's day at this age. Some cowgirls at school thought I said something about their boots (which I didn't) and so they wanted to beat me up.  Wait, wait, what was actually said to me was "if you are making fun of our boots we are going to shove our boots up your a$$."  That's a direct quote.  This story is a blog on it's own so I won't go on too much. Basically, my sister saved my butt and those girls never talked to me again. It was a three day ordeal until I knew I was safe and could continue my high school education.

Thirteen - Officially a teenager!

Oh, my! Let the boy loving begin. I gathered up the nerve to call my first boy in the 8th grade. He was a 7th grader so I felt pretty confident being the older woman. :) I saw him in the hall, looked him up in the yearbook then looked up his phone number. I called him and we started our friendship right then and there! I was in love with this boy but as luck would have it, he liked my friend. I was devastated! He slowly stopped being my friend and my love for him faded. As much love as you can have at 13 :)

No wonder he liked my friend.
It was picture day, I was aware, and this is what I showed up with.
What the Hell?

Twelve Drummers Drumming

My time in O'fallon Missouri eneded at twelve. The life and friendships I knew all went away. My grandma bought a wedding Chapel here in Oklahoma and my family moved back so my mom could run the chapel. It was a very rough transition. It was hard for me to make friends at first because everyone already had their little cliques and groups of friends and I had no one. I will be forever thankful to a group of girls who let me into their group and made me a part of their lunch table. They will never know how much it meant to me to not have to eat lunch by myself or stand outside after lunch without anyone to talk to . Zette, Nicole, Anita, Jesse and Lindsey - I can never repay you for your kindness and your friendship. Your acceptance has never been forgotten. Thank you for being my friends.

Cool hair accessories, no?

Eleven Pipers Piping

Eh, eleven was pretty boring too. I don't remember anything standing out for me. I was living in Missouri and ruling the 5th grade. It was the one and only time I was "popular." Full House was influencing me and I wanted to be as cool as Blossom. My neighborhood was the best place to hang out and some of my best memories came from that neighborhood. It was actually safe to be dropped off at the mall (yes, at 11 years old) and wait for your parents to come pick you up a couple of hours later. Not so much these days!

Now, THIS is some DJ Tanner hair! 

Im sure I won't have time to blog tomorrow night. I have a date with my sister to see Broadway's A Chorus Line. I can't wait!! I've loved this movie since I was a little kid and now I get to see the Broadway show. I'll let you know how awesome it was.

It's almost birthday time,



  1. So are you actually doing anything for your b-day or just blogging about it? :) Also, whether you are or aren't you should supplement it with a trip to Vegas in Sept. (Zach has the Evite)... IT... WILL... BE... FUN!!!!


  2. Hilarious photos, I think we all had bangs like that at some point in our youth. I also LOVE Hobby Lobby. They just put one here about a year ago and its my fav store!! LOVE IT!


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