All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday.....Almost

8 Mile

Somehow along the way I forgot how to count down so please excuse me and join me for the last 5 days of the countdown.

I left off with age 9 but it should have been 8 so let's just start at eight and take it to five. Okay?

Well, lets talk about eight. Eight was a good year. It was the end of 2nd grade and beginning of the 3rd. I switched elementary schools between these grades and I had to get used to a whole new group of friends only to be switched back the next year. Note to parents: Please don't take your kids out of school unless you ABSOLUTELY have to. It can be damaging.

The Seven Year Itch

Oh, seven. What can I say? Ending my career as a first grader and moving on to the second grade. I was finally making friends (yes, I moved a lot as a young child.)

With Six You Get Eggroll

This year kind of sucked. On my 6th birthday I was still living in Oklahoma and later that year we moved to Missouri. Not fun! Anyhow, when I was in kindergarten I wanted to be a secretary so for my 6th birthday I got a briefcase that I still have to this day. You would think my parents would have made me leave it at home and play with it there but no, they let me take it to school as my backpack. Now, in their defense they probaly told me no and I may have insisted, so to school I went with this awesome brown, plastic leather, 3 pocket briefcase.

It didn't fit in the backpack bucket so I couldn't bring it anymore. :(

Once we moved to Missouri I had the hardest time adjusting. I would get on the bus every morning, put my head into the seat in front of me and cry. My brother had to push, literally push, me to class every morning while I dug my heels into the floor. My teacher had to come get me every morning and take me into the classroom. There were papers we were supposed to pick up every morning but I wouldn't do it. I sat at my desk, put my head down and cried. How tragic! When it was time for report card time I thougt I failed the first grade because I saw all zeros everywhere. Turns out it was just some rating scale that went from 0-5 and I guess the zeros were good cause obviously I made it to the 2nd grade.

Number Five Is Alive

Okay, so for the loungest time I though I was born at five. One of my first memories is of me walking out of the utility room and I remember it being very bright. I can pretty much remember everything after that moment.

I spent a lot of time at my grandmas restaurant at this age. I usually sat at the table by the cash register and I thought it was so cool that I could help myself at the salad bar and eat all the jello and sunflower seeds that I wanted, and I did!

Come on birthday weekend, we've got plans,


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  1. These photos are hilarious and what a great memory you have. I can't believe you still have the briefcase. Hopefully you can hand it down to your daughter one day. I always wanted to be a librarian so that I could read books to kids and show them the pictures and make the noise that library books made with the plastic covering!


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