All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Evelyn Update
12 Weeks

Two posts in one day? I must have nothing else to do.  Nope, Evelyn is just growing up a little more and really takes in her surroundings so while I'm typing this she is just sitting in her Boppy next to me watching the screen.  Maybe I'm starting her passion for writing.

So much has changed in the past 12 weeks.  Those first couple of weeks were rough and every time I see a friend on Facebook announcing the birth of their child I say a little prayer that God will give them the strength and patience to get them through it.  Lord knows I needed it.

Evelyn has discovered her hands in the past couple of weeks.  She rejects the pacifier sometimes and just wants to suck on those hands.  I caught her in the rearview mirror last week holding her hand in front of her and just staring away.  I wanted to pull the car over and just smooch her little face over and over again.  It doesn't take much to make me proud of this little angel.  I love her so much! 

Here are some other Evelyn facts:

*She LOVES to scream!  I like to think she is just exercising her lungs for her future singing career.  The girl sure can hit those high notes!

*She is "talking" more.  To hear her voice is absolute music to our ears.  We could listen to that all day long.  

*"Say cheese!"  She is definitely smiling more.  I love it when she smiles in her sleep.  It makes it hard to put her in her basinet. It's the sweetest most honest smile I have ever seen.  When I woke her up this morning she looked at me and smiled.  She loves her momma ;)

*She's not laughing yet but there has been a few times that we just knew she was about to burst out in laughter.  When she does I'm sure I will cry.  I love it when she does something new.  

*We started adding formula to her bottles 2 weeks ago.  It was a big step for me.  I cried just a tiny tiny bit.  We are only adding an ounce but it made me sad that she wasn't getting just my milk anymore.  I quickly got over it when I realized I am able to freeze more milk since I don't use it all in one day with the formula addition.  My freezer is filling up!

*Breast feeding - another reason to cry.  I'm sad to say that the days of breast feeding are over.  I have decided to only pump and then bottle feed.  Especially now since we are adding formula.  She's been mostly bottle for awhile and only breastfed when I was lazy or just wanted some close time with her.  With me going back to work next week there's just not going to be a good time for it.  It truly makes me sad.

*"I like to move it move it"  This little girl is a wiggle worm!! She is ALWAYS moving.  Her legs are so strong and she sure lets you know it.  She has tried on more than one occasion to buck off the changing table and now has to be strapped in to her Mamaroo so she doesn't kick out of it.

*As I have mentioned before she has been sleeping through the night since 7 weeks old.  Our bedtime routine is getting pretty awesome!  Depending on her eating schedule during the day she usually gets her last feeding at 9.  I rock her for a little bit in my arms and then she is in her basinet by 10 and snoozing away.  Some nights she needs a little extra attention so I will just place my hand on her stomach and rub her head.  It works most nights.  I can't remember the last time we were both up rocking in the chair while she was screaming and I was crying.  Our nights have gotten better :)

*This baby is a champ when it comes to car rides.  It's very rare that she cries during one.  If we are sitting too long at a light she starts to get fussy but the minute the car shifts into drive she is ready just to enjoy the ride.

All in all we've been blessed with a pretty awesome baby.  She is healthy and amazes us every day with her growth.  I'm going to miss spending every single minute with her when I go back to work but I know those minutes I'm with her are going to be so precious.  Even the poopy stinky ones ;)

These past 12 weeks at home have been such a blessing and I will forever treasure them.


  1. It's just beautiful isn't April........ Dad

  2. Evelyn is getting so big!! And I got your comment about the Tulsa race... We HAVE to meet up. Even if it's just dinner or drinks. Shoot me your email address and we can make some plans! :)

  3. Love your sweet smiles! She is growing so fast!


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