All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Week Freak Out

The time has come where I am on full countdown to return to work.  I can't believe it is already time.  I'm freaking.  Just a little bit.  Evelyn turns 11 weeks today! So crazy! She has changed so much in this little amount of time.  Every new thing gets me excited and it also brings tears.  We introduced formula 3 days ago and I cried.  Keep in mind that it was just one little ounce added to breast milk but I just feel like it's one more step to her growing up.  I know, I know she is not even 3 months old yet but I have a hard time with change even when it's good change.  I just get sad when things change even when it's good change because I know that little piece of time in life is gone and won't happen again.  For example, if I change desks at work I get a little sad because I know that era of time where I sat there is over and I won't have any more experiences there again.  It's weird, I know, but I have always been this way.

So this whole going back to work thing and not being home all day with my little baby is going to be a big adjustment.  I know it's going to be fine and the fact that she is going to be staying at my mother-in-law's makes it soooo much easier to deal with.  She is going to be in good hands and I know that she is going to be loved all day even if she is screaming her head off.  This makes my heart handle this work thing a little better.  The only things that make me excited about going back to work are the facts that I can be on a schedule again and this makes my life easier and I think it will be good for me to have a break from Evelyn and focus on something other than baby things. But let me be real honest for a moment.  If we had the means for me to stay home and not have to go back to work I wouldn't even think twice about it.

Let's talk about Evelyn for a second.  :) She has been sleeping through the night for a month now! It's been awesome!! The first 2 nights she didn't get up for her middle of the night feedings I was, of course sad, but thought maybe it was just a 2 night thing and she would be waking me up the rest of the week. Not so.  She gets her last feeding around 9ish (5 whole ounces!) and it just takes a little rocking in my arms to put her to sleep.  We were having to bring the Mamaroo into the bedroom for about a week or so because she would not go down in the basinet.  She finally decided that the basinet was the place for her so she has been doing great sleeping all night in it.  The past 4 nights she has broken out of her swaddle so I think she is going to upgrade to a sleep sack.  She is getting too strong!  And let me tell you, she is not just wrapped up in a swaddle blanket, she is put on lock down in The Miracle Blanket where her arms are restrained, wrapped up individually and then her whole body is then wrapped up several times.  I mean, it's a baby straight jacket and she is breaking lose! Before I know it she is going to be sleeping in her crib at night in her little footie jammies.

Breaking free!

The other baby.  The best dog in the world!

My first time in footie jammies.

Eating time!

"My new collection for my bookshelf.
Yes, those are NKOTB comic books.  Mommy says they are the best."

"Do I have to sit in the Bumbo anymore?"

Looking at her bird sticker on the wall.  She always smiles at him when she sees him.

Getting ready to get our first round of shots.

Love this little girl so much! 

"Just me and Mama Bear hanging out."

"I like to sit with daddy while he plays his games."

"My first trip to the mall!"

Have a happy week everyone!!


And by the way, seeing that I support Jessica Simpson now, everyone needs to get over the picture of her little girl in a bikini.  She's just a little baby and I think she looks cute.  If you are looking at that photo and thinking anything other than what a sweet little baby she is then you are a total pervert and need help.  She's a baby in a bathing suit.  End of story.

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  1. Evelyn is just beautiful, how can you stand it, I would be kissing on her every five seconds!!! You are very lucky she will be watched by your mother in law, that must be a huge relief to know she is in wonderful hands!


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