All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thank you for all my hands can hold

Turkey day is soon approaching! Back in my middle school and high school days this was a holiday that I really looked forward to. This was the one time of year that my family got together and enjoyed each others company. Really though, it was my chance to hang out with my cousins and make fun of the adults and retreat to our own little world that belonged to us and only us.

We took control of the camcorder and made memories that we still refer back to today. I don't think any of the adults had a clue what we did. Not that we did anything bad, but it was awesome not to be supervised. When my brother was able to drive there was no stopping us. After a driver's license came on the scene we made our own cousin tradition to go to the movies every Thanksgiving night. Let's see, some of the movies that contributed to our tradition are For Richer or Poorer, Walk the Line and Napoleon Dynamite. I'm so mad at myself because I absolutely cannot think of the other movies we've seen.

The past few years we haven't kept up the tradition and it saddens me. I guess when you lived in Claremore and you got the opportunity to leave town with no adults, you made sure to do it every year. We still try to do something that is just us cousins and I love seeing how we have become the adults and the new generation of cousins are becoming close and building relationships with each other. Makes me happy! I love my cousins more than I can say and I'm so proud that we have been the ones building relationships with each other over the years and because of this we are not just family, we are friends. I hope one day the new generation will start their own traditions. Last year we went to a Tulsa Oilers hockey game and had a really good time. We plan on going to one again this year so maybe this will be the new tradition. :)

Of course, this time of year is when you think about all the things you are thankful for so I made a little list for you. And yes, it includes my cousins!

I am thankful for.....
God's unchanging love
My wonderful husband
Amazing sibilings
My family
Zach's family (now mine too!)
My job
Zach's job
Our home
Our health
Good friends
Our beautiful doggie
My blog :)
.....and so much more, I could just keep going and going and going.....
Our first Thanksgiving together

The Cousins

Oh, by the way, starting tomorrow I will be taking part in a 12 Days of Christmas blog challenge. Thanks Lindsi from The Hancocks for encouraging everyone to link up. I will be!!

Happy Holidays,


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