All Rowelled Up

All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

.....and now, the rest of the story.....

Okay, okay. I should of had this story wrapped up last week so here I am today to finish telling you about the cruise. By now you are probably over it and want a little more from me than boring ol' cruise pictures.  Trust me, I want to give you more! I joined a gym and I have been a dedicated little gym goer for the past 3 weeks. When I come home it's straight to the shower, find something to eat and then watch our shows.  Blogging has been put to the side. But, I finally made it to the computer.

Our next stop was Grand Cayman.  It was beyond improvment from Jamaica.  It was clean and rich looking and just all around better.  I did a little snorkeling there for the first time.  It was a big step for me because I don't like to look at sea life or coral reef or any of that business.  I'm a little proud of myself for being a big girl.  Cayman was very relaxing and beautiful!

Thursday February 17, 2011
Day Five
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

2nd formal night

.....almost the end.....

So, here goes!  The last stop we made was in Cozumel, Mexico.  I wasn't sure what to expect there. I've never been and was excited to "make a deal" if I had to.  I've always heard that you never pay full price for anything. Always bargain.  I really enjoyed Cozumel.  We went to Carlos 'N' Charlies which I guess is a popular place because people kept talking about it. I had never heard of it. It was really neat! The waiters would stop and dance and go around and give you shots. Well, let me back this story up, they were giving the little bikini wearing hotties shots.  Here's my theory why - they tilted the girls head back, gave her the shot, put a bandana over her mouth so she would swallow and then took her hands, had the girl grab her own boobs while they were holding on to the girls hands as well.  Basically they got a tiny bit of groping out of it.

Our group of people took a boat out for an hour to do some snorkeling but me and another girl stayed behind. We thought it would be funny to take a picture with the waiters to show the gang when they got back and they would think that we really partied it up when they were gone.  So we took our picture, laughed about it and went back to chilling.  I was perfectly content with sitting in my chair, covered by an umbrella of course, and reading my magazine.  That's until I was yanked up by our waiter to dance around on their patio.  "Okay," I thought, "I'll be a sport and get up there." He did take a picture with us after all.  So I'm dancing around to the "Cha Cha Slide" and some other line dances trying not to be a party pooper but I was SO uncomfortable because all the other girls they got to dance were ALL in little bikinis and tan little bodies and had their boyfriends with them and I'm bee bopping around by myself  in what might as well have been a moo moo.  The waiters were acting as a wall so I kind of couldn't escape back to my seat.  

So the music ends and I'm so grateful but all of a sudden they yell it's time for the Conga.  Guess what fool was first in line?  I for sure didn't plan it that way.  So we go down this little path and the waiter in front of me keeps yelling back, "Don't break the line!" I won't waiter, I won't! We dance a little ways and then I noticed this guy standing on a chair. "Shots!" So I open my mouth for him to give me a shot, which was basically syrup, and move on to the next guy.  The first dude barely squirted anything in my mouth so I thought they were just trying to keep the line moving so when I got to the next shot stop I opened my mouth a little and continued dancing. I guess he wanted to give a little more because as soon as I shut my mouth he kept squirting and I had syrup all down my face, neck and bathing suit.  I got my technique right by the time I got to the 3rd round of shots. We finally made it back to the patio, danced a little more then I was finally free! 

All in all Cozumel was a good time and I recommend it if you're looking for a fun party place.

Now, please enjoy the last of our vacation.

Friday February 18, 2011
Day Six
Cozumel, Mexico


My view
I liked this little guy!
But I was a little scared to hold him.....
I had to be convinced.....
still not sure this is what I want to do (isn't his little diaper cute!)
And now it's all good!
our waiter.  I think he looks like the Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  You know, the Johnny Depp one.
At the port in Cozumel
I find great joy in objects that are not their original size.
A pretty sunset from our balcony

"Phoebe" and the monkey

Saturday February 19, 2011
Day Seven
Last day on the ship

I had my eye on this from the moment we boarded. Obviously I had to have my picture taken with them. Love it! 
"Phoebe" and the heart

So, the next pictures are of our room in case you are curious of what they look like.  We wanted a balcony room so we could enjoy the water and sunshine. 

See how you can't see anything? It's fog. I was so depressed on Sunday morning when we couldn't port because the port was closed because of the fog. All I wanted was to be home with my mammie.  We were delayed about 5 or 6 hours.  

To sum it all up we had a really good time. It was neat to experience a cruise ship and see the ocean and visit places I've never been but I get home sick real easliy and 7 days is an awfully long time to be away. Also, if you want to take a vacation where you just relax and chill out and are content with seeing water for days and days then this is the trip for you.  I enjoy hitting the pavement and seeing all that I can on vacation and doing stuff, seeing stuff, just going going going all day long. I can only see so much ocean. Don't get me wrong, it was a good time but I think the next time we vacay I would like to go back to New York City.  Now that's a walking town!

Thanks for checking in and "vacationing" with me.



  1. Those pictures of the ocean and beach are gorgeous!

  2. Fabulous! I'm so jealous and definitely ready for some sunshine and sand! I've been missing my tan too much! xoxo

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! So glad spring is on it's way!

  4. How fun!!!! I love the one of you in the "big boots." You guys are so cute. That header is to die for. LOVE!

  5. Great photos of your trip and looks like you had a wonderful time. Groomzilla and I took that exact same cruise a few years back. Jamaica was a bit sketchy, Grand Caymen was beautiful, and Cozumel..well we were were ported next to the nude ship (all the men were glued to the side) so that was interesting..but Cozumel was a fun place!!! Great Blog, glad I found you!


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