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All Rowelled Up
All Rowelled Up

Thursday, March 3, 2011

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        You were filled in on days 1-3.  You saw a lot of water and a lot of people having a good time.  

Now, here's a little bit more.

Wednesday February 16, 2011
Day Four
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Our first land destination was Montego Bay, Jamaica.  I was SO excited to see land! I was also excited to be in a place that songs are written about.  This had to be a great place, right? This had to be a land that mirrored Paradise.  Right? A little bit wrong! I was a little terrified to get in a taxi and be driven to God knows where.  Our driver was nice and I felt no threats by him.  So far so good.  What was scary were the people walking about with no shoes, in the middle of the road, trying to sell you things at your window.  "No, thank you. I don't want to buy a bottle of water that is red."  But that's not all they were selling. "You want some drugs?" The boys in our group were approached no less than 10 times.  And it's not like they ask you if you want some drugs and then you go to a little hidey hole and get it. Oh, no! It's in their hands.  Just out in the open for everyone to see. On our way back to the ship we were offered a half smoked joint.  This guy went from window to window holding it up hoping for an offer.  Freaking out!!!  So, anyhow the beach was okay but it was a little bit chilly so I only got in the water up to my waist.

We decided to eat at Margaritaville just a few steps from the beach thinking it would be a wise choice.  For safety reasons, yes, it was good.  For eating and entertainment, it sucked!!! Our drinks came by the time  half of our food was gone and the drinks were basically some syrup and maybe a dash of alcohol. The meal was expensive because the tax was ridiculous and the entertainment made me more uncomfortable than entertained. If I'm going to take a picture with a parrot I don't want to give him 5 bucks and be able to see his whole face.  It's not a place I recommend and I have to say I'm a little upset with the Beach Boy for making me believe it's a great place to be.  

Finally at the beach!

These are the bracelets that Zach bought for 5 dollars.  We buried them because we were scared there might be drugs hidden in them.


This little band played as people were boarding the ship.  They played for a really long time.

"Phoebe" and the turtle

Stayed to tuned for the rest of the week!



  1. wow -- great pictures!! I laughed at your bracelet caption =)

  2. Love all of these beautiful pictures! We went to Jamaica on our honeymoon. We stayed at Sandals and they people told us to "leave at our own risk." We chose to stay at the resort. Haha!


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